Season 3 strategy - How will you Approach it?

With season 3 landing shortly I am starting to consider my approach of working through the stages and wondered if anyone else is planning ahead like me.

With AR taking up flasks, and flags for 3 days a month, events taking up 4 days, trials about 4 days of the month ( assuming half day per trial) costume chamber 1/2 day and Rare Quests about 1 & 1/2 days world energy is in high demand.

Considering this I am excepting that I am unlikely to complete all stages before the new ones are released each month and will work through normal and Hard modes simultaneously so I don’t end up in the same position I did with season 2.

I’d love to hear other peoples plan of attack


my plan is to auto play all the stages until I can’t win by auto play anymore.


I would clear it with the spares world energies after Class Trials, Rare Quests and PoV daily quests.

If I would have many energies left I would go for Normal + Hard mode to keep some low cost map stages for when I would have fewer energies.


autoplay is king…


Yes auto play is king, but how many stages a day? All easy or hard as well?

whatever spare energy I have… not wasting flask for it.


They gave out some pretty good rewards for finishing S2 hard mode…might be cool to “keep up” instead of half arseing it.


I will finish all 3 stages on normal first and then do what I can on hard mode between everything else until next 3 level unlock. Finishing hard mode quickly isn’t a priority for me just as it hasn’t been for season 2. I still do most of my farming in season 1 just because the loot I get per world energy works for me. The only fast things in this game are titan hits so I will chip away where and when I can. :sunglasses:


Slightly off topic but my only complaint right now is the timing of season 3. Wish it would have been after March 1st so we could have a chance a March HOTM. Excited for the new levels and heroes though.


Since autoplay is coming up:

In beta, I was not able to auto-play certain stages by the 3rd province. The enemies have more HP compared to the first few provinces of Season 2.

My autoplay team was Neith, Magni, Khiona, Red Hood, Kadilen.

I don’t know how long the portal will be open for, but it opens on February 27th and we may still have a chance at the March HOTM – assuming it stays open until Sunday, March 1st.


Every WE not used by other things like rare quests. I don’t think there’ll be a huge problem with WE to be honest. Unless you wanna finish all the stages within the Valhalla rising (that’s what I’ calling it for now) so you can use the coins on the portal before it disappears.

The rewards will be there when I finish, no real hurry for me since I don’t spend enough to be out of mats. Heroes are usually the shortage


@DaveCozy I was gonna let them find out on their own about how little autoplay can be used.


Brutal! :crazy_face: I would hate to waste 6 flags on autoplay, let alone more than that!

During AR I’ve made the mistake of not switching the difficulty from hard to normal, and without noticing I turned the autoplay on. Been more attentive since then.


If I could use all the WEs I wasted trying to autoplay season 2 hard on a challenge event, I could probably reach top 10.


If the summon portal is open for 3 days(72 hours) it will close seconds before new HOTM is available…:pensive:. But still going to try a few pull for season 3 first. Even if I get a season 3 4* to start with it will be someone different to level and try out. :crossed_fingers:


sounds like it’s unlikely to last until march then. Darn you leap year!

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If they release 3 levels at a time it will take a year to roll out completely. I think I can hack away at levels in a year to somewhat keep up. Looks like levels will be a bit challenging too…:grin:

I have 12 flasks. I will finish all normal & hard levels before the portal closes.

I don’t really care about AR because I feel s3 heroes are at a premium right now.


For this game, I’ve always been a completionist , so I will do both the easy and hard as they are unlocked.

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