Season 3 special stage: counting not working

Hello all, i have been running the season 3 reaching province 14, and the countdown in the missions tab is still at 5/40 when it should be much more… Then, in the daily challenge in the path of valor, i just did 3 times S3 province 11 stage 2, which is supposed to be a special stage, and it did not took in account…Am i mistaking somewhere ?
Thanks for your help

The current PoV Season III challenge is for a Midgard special stage. You need to go to Seaason 3, Province 1, Stage 3.

Ok get it… :slight_smile: thx

Nope, the last reply does not work. I have tried multiple places in midguard to no avail. Anyone any ideas?

This would seem to be a typo, that’s not a Special Stage.

The only Stages that are Special in Midgard are Province 3, Stages 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.

Look for this:



I must be as blind as a bat, could not see those markers for the life of me. Sorted, thanks


You were absolutely correct, Zephyr. Province 3, as you said. Thanks.

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