Season 3 Sneak Peek Discussion


Thank you as always.

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I’m surprised that woke SG didn’t decide to make the Norse pantheon more “diverse”.

They’ve only previewed what 9 heroes in Beta & another 5 in the 2020 sneak peak?

Compare that to the 26 that were released in Season 2… Give them time :wink:

hi,bro, can you show me the link of the introduction of the new heros ,thanks a lot

Here. That’s all there is. Apart from hero cards from Beta which are not allowed here.

I can hardly wait for season three. The backgrounds are the best of all three seasons to me. Thank you to the creators and all that help us in gameplay. This game is so addicting I don’t have time for any other. Woohooo!!


The first round of Season 3 Beta testing has been opened



20 characters of what

Are you sure? I don’t see it

Sorry, can you please clarify this?

Beta is currently closed, and we had a first round of Beta testing for Season 3 heroes back in November 2019.

Are you referring to something else?


Here : Season 3 Sneak Peek Discussion

when will the season 3 be released? and can we get the new heroes from training camp?

We don’t know yet, but Season 3 Heroes are currently in Beta.

You can read more about that here: 🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26 & V27]

We don’t have an official answer about this at the moment, but considering you can’t even get Season 2 Heroes from Training Camps yet, it’s extraordinarily unlikely that will happen anytime soon for Season 3 Heroes.


The new Season 3 heroes are great to use especially the yellow cloaked 5*, Fenrir the blue 5* will be great add in miki damage will be awesome, I’ve noticed some of the heroes have some other kind of language on their specials possibly norse viking when fired is this going to be translated over to English so we know what they’re saying

VIP is one…what’s the new one gonna be?


Valor pass was the 2nd one i had in mind as I’m sure it’ll be a revolving event and each time it comes back we’ll renew our subscription of 10 dollars for the better rewards

When will season 3 be released?

Hi Omar, welcome to the forum :smile:
We can only guess. It’ll depend on how much testing will be done in Beta before release. The testing is currently ongoing.
My guess would be end of March or beginning of April


Beta Update

In addition to the Season 3 Heroes that are now on their fourth Beta, the first Season 3 Provinces and Gameplay are now in Beta as well.

You can read about those here:

=> 🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Provinces & Gameplay [Part of The Beta Beat V27]


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