Season 3 Sneak Peek Discussion

I knew Ratatoskr would be a freaking 5 :smiley:

Can’t wait for the beta write up.


We love you Zeph!!!


The thread is here, now with all of the heroes currently in Beta:

=> 🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26]


Not surprised that Heimdall and Tyr, the actual fighting Æsir, are legendaries.

Delighted, but not really surprised that Ratatoskr is a legendary (although it could easily have been otherwise).

Surprised that Kvasir is just a rare; although to be fair, it’s really his mead that is legendary.

(The others are not from the myths, I believe, so whatever.)

I had a strong feeling the little gossipy squirrel was 5 stars. Only heroes 5s enter the storytelling, unfortunately. I believe he will make the connection between the new season and the current heroes.


Hello guys , here our next heroes S03


Great compiled, @Rose_3000. Thank you.


Wait what ? S2 map to be closed after s3 release ?

Where you getting that from?

S2 will still be there… same as S1 is still there now


I’m excited for S3, but also sad for many players.

We have a lot of players that have been working hard to level up the only heroes they get when they summon, S1 heroes only. Against the S2 heroes & others, the heroes just don’t compare.

Now, they are still going to be working on their S1 heroes, still have no S2 heroes & the S3 will be coming out? It’s getting horrible. I’ve spent way too much money to get the heroes that I have; thousands in the last 4 months. It’s neverending, apparently. If they don’t care about all players & just the revenue, I’ll spend it elsewhere & keep in line with my alliance.

We have to say NO to power creep. TP of 786 for a non emblemed 5* is seriously overdoing it. STOP and move them back to the 765-768 range.

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TP is just an arbitrary value that doesn’t tell you how good/useful/strong a hero really is. Compare Joon or Lianna with Mok-Arr and Atomos. The latter might have a much higher TP value, however, hardly anyone would choose them over the good old TC20 snipers. Dawa and Balthazar are in the same power range. Kiril and Skittleskull have almost equal values.

Apart from that, true, there is power creep and there has to be. Otherwise people would simply be stuck after getting enough strong heroes, would have no goals to reach anymore and soon be bored with the game. The only really big problem in E&P is, that there are too few ingame ways to keep up with the power creep and non or low spenders fall further and further behind those who are willing to pay crazy amounts of money to get all the strongest heroes.

As for the nine S3 heroes presented here, I do not think, that they are a big “problem” in terms of power creep (compared to the new 5* event heroes and some of the upcoming HoTM) Also, 6 of them (the 3* and 4*) will probably be relatively accessible to all players.


There is a pic with different gate theme for S3, that is a sign will be separate from S2 heroes.
Season 3

Then next S4 also have seperate coins. Not good idea I think. IMO, best is still use Atlantis coins (maybe we can rename it with Map Coins or like that), so then the coins can be summon to S2 and S3 portal, we choose it, just like event challange coins.


Not sure exactly how to word my thoughts on this other than i like the idea of players being able to stock multiple resources for multiple portals. Feel like it caps the ability of players putting all their hope in 1 basket. Let’s em spread out the rewards and disappointments.

If they farm s3 coins while letting s2 coins just bank up, then they still have something to hope for if their s3 coins don’t bring much joy. Same way players now stock epic hero tokens for seasonal events and event tokens for specific events and then of course f2p stocking gems for specific portals or uses while stocking the other coins for insurance if their gems fall flat.

Idk, i just feel it brings a bit more strategy to the game and it self caps impulses of f2p/c2p players in each portal. If you chalked em all up into 1 coin then players would just go for broke in 1 portal and have nothing Left for the others(talkin the low cost players here, p2p will p2p and doesnt matter too much how the in game coins work)


I disagree here. I have experienced what a fully levelled costume Joon is compared to the non levelled one. At tp of 793 vs 752 I feel they are like two different hero when using them, one is so much more lethal and tankier than the other. And I am only comparing them in the base form flame of the sun, so the only difference is the difference in stat.

I never said that. I only said that the TP value for different heroes is arbitrary.

Joon is already a great hero in his base from (much better than many others in the 750-760 TP range and also better than some heroes wirh higher TP). A fully leveled costume gives him +5 % attack and defense, +10 % health and a mana boost of 5 %. You would need 9 to 10 nodes in the talent tree to get similar results. Of course such a boost makes an already great hero even much better.

However, also relatively bad heroes get that 40-45 TP boost and don’t become super strong. A costumed Quintus with 798 TP (even 5 more than Joon) will still be much less useful than Kageburado, Finley and many other who have 20
or so TP less. I’d even prefer an uncostumed Joon or Lianna to a costumed Quintus…


I’d take a 3-70 MN over a fully emblemed and costumed Quintus


It’s really a shame. I’ve spent way too much money over the past few months, just to see that I’ll get nowhere if I continue. I guess it’s better to know now than later down the road, but, it still sucks.

I absolutely love the game & will continue to play. I’ll just be cautious where & if I spend any more $$.


Happens to all of us

The TP, in this context gets a little bit confusing, I know TP relates to team power right? , so heroes power, should simply be P, so it doesn’t get mixed up with HP --Health Point.
On the issue of it being arbitrary, I will differ slightly on the ground that the base power P of every hero is a function of the hero’s attack, defense and health point parameters, they are mathematically related such that if any of the parameters is tweaked in any way, it effects change in the hero’s power. It’s also a positive function, such that… Increasing any of the parameters produce corresponding increase in the Power.
However, as you have pointed out, high power alone doesn’t define the efficiency or efficacy
of many heroes, other adjoining skills would have to be considered. On the other hand, some heroes just need those parameters to be tweaked up a little to make them more efficient.
Hope we didn’t drift too far from the topic :blush:.

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