Season 3 Runic Rocks: make marching multiple of same color at once increase the effect

I am enjoying the addition of the new rune tiles up to now. Anything new is refreshing. But I have one concern and one suggestion.

My concern is about the immobility of the rune tiles on higher level of difficulty stages or at the final boss fight (equivalent to the Ursena fight where she turned into a mini Titan). At that point, every move counts. Having a quarter of a board blocked by immovable runes will cause trouble.

And finally my suggestion is that when you break two or more rune tiles of the same colour at once, their effect should stack, so it doesn’t get wasted. More poison, more burn, more heal, more mana speed, more defense decrease.
What do you think?

Hiya mate,

I’ve moved your thread over to #ideas-feature-requests so that it can accrue votes from like minded players.

As I understand it, the Crux of it is:

  1. You’d like the tiles to be movable
  2. You’d like double runic rock matches to stack in power rather than simply overwrite each other
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I don’t mind them not being movable. Just taking that into consideration when the developers design the final fight.

I think they have to an extent…

Personally I’ve not been able to get more than 9 runic Rocks on the board and that’s with me deliberately trying to accrue them.

I know some beta testers tried their hardest to force a no-match board to see if they shuffled or not but don’t think they were successful


I had two instances of shuffled boards and the runes changed place as well. I was curious about that.


I’ve had a shuffle w the new stones

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I was also hoping for increased effects with multiple runic rocks going off… hmm imagine a cascade giving huge bonuses, especially to mana or def down!

I loved this new gameplay feature, and would love to see them in raids, maybe just as a unique tournament format tho as they are unique to a season. Could also have season 2 special stage tournaments, with that accursed defense buff removed to even it out.

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