Season 3 Province 6 Vanaheim Stepped

Season 3 / Hard / 6/1
Completed it twice and will not give me credit for completion. Please advise.

Based on the screenshots you have, it looks like you’ve completed Normal Mode, not Hard Mode.

Are these the correct screenshots, or is it possible you accidentally completed Normal instead?

Farming data, showing loot matches Normal:

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I have completed all of normal mode. It will not unlock hard mode. I’m attaching screenshots of all completed.


Are you referring to the Mission which says to “Conquer Vanaheim Steppes”?

It cannot register “completion” of Stage 6 as, to do that, it needs a Stage 7 to be able to be started… Stage 7 isn’t unlocked yet; nor will be until next month.

Same as what has been discussed ad-nausium in this thread:

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You have to do Hard Mode in order for Season 3 — have you completed all of the Hard Stages prior to the one you’re trying to complete now?


Thank you for your reply. I did figure out that was the case. Again I thank you.

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