Season 3 Province 34 Onward Issues with Stage Loot (NOT about Mission Rewards)

In the new Season 3 maps (prov 34 onwards), there is almost no reward for completing the stage. I suppose it is bugged.


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I think it’s a visual bug… those XP, iron and food numbers are definitely not displayed properly.


Yes, I also have that bug when playing the game from an Android emulator, from PC.

Omg - I didn’t even notice, until you pointed it out. I was still looking for the 4*AMs I couldn’t find. lol.
Thank you @ThePirateKing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

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You’re welcome… I don’t blame you, the S3 rewards are ridiculous indeed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for reporting, we are looking into this now. Either Petri or I will update as we know more.


That’s from completing the season, not just a regular stage.

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But that’s not what the original post was about.

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I appreciate your speedy speedy response.
Waiting expectantly. :innocent:


@Sion Could you submit a new support request?

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I would like to report that, but I simply can’t find “not helpful” button in help options (“I think i’ve found bug in the game” topic). There is only “helpful” text on the bottom and it is not tapable.

I’m seeing people getting junk but I got a decent haul

I’ve completed season 3 on normal mode but now I’m locked out of all missions including hard mode and season 1 and 2 , anyone else getting this ?

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