Season 3 (Prov 16H - 36H), Season 4 & Season 5 Best Level to farm [Data Driven]

Yes the doc is updated progressively. To avoid complicating the doc, we will only include the info if it’s highly requested by the community. Catering to all special requests is just not practical, hope you understand.

Excellent guide!!! Thanks for all the hard work.

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huge Update von Season 4 normal. more than 25% of all runs are done.

We still need more contributors :wink:

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bumping this topic for S4

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Season 4 normal excel link doesn’t work. Any updates?

The link seems to work fine for me. And i checked to make sure the setting is “Anyone with the link” can access it.

Hey, I’m happy to come across this thread. Didn’t realize anyone was still working on this – I still look at an old version of Barry Farmz sheets pretty often for my farming. Which means I only farm in seasons 1 and 2, and always wonder whether there might be better farming in later seasons.

Can someone remind: how do we contribute to the data gathering? I always play a bunch of levels during each season event, so I might as well gather some data while I play. I know you want screen shots or videos of all the loot, plus the monster count (if not using loot tix). But where and how do we send it? Email? To what address?

Also, please remind exactly which levels you want data for. All of seasons 3-5? Or is it all of 4&5, and only part of season 3?


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Basically we want anything that doesn’t have 50 runs in S3,S4,S5. You can directly enter data into the Google sheets as well. If you have line app my ID is deepriver63 and I can try to walk you through the process.

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@AngiMathochist We would love the help! This is a huge project. Let me now if you need anything.

Which is the best S5 level for XP until now? I’m running 8-10H for a while.

Hey, you may check the spreadsheet to find out the best Levels for each resources. The data for EXP is reliable because they are constant throughout each runs but the others is still in-progress.

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Season 4 Province 3 finished

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complete s4 Province 4 finished :100: