Season 3 / P3 / st5 hard Mode bug

I have successfully done season III / Province 3 / stage 5 / hard mode (2 times) in the past 20 mins, but:

  • no items received for victory
  • stage still looks not finished…

I can’t go further simply.

Please resolve it.



Can you:

  1. Please pop up a screenshot of the Province?
  2. Please show what it looks like when you attempt to start the province (prior to hitting the “attack” button
  3. Check your recent activity log & screenshot that (will show any rewards you got which are 3* or higher (scabbards, hardwood lumber etc…)

When you say “no items received for victory” are you:

  1. Saying there is no rewards screen after victory?
  2. Saying you aren’t getting any valhalla coins?
  3. Saying that in your inventory there are no “new” items?

What might be happening is:

  • you’re not seeing the rewards before hitting next (?)
  • you might be accidentally re-running the province stage on NORMAL mode & hence not getting completion or valhalla coins (?)

Finally, just a note that this is a community forum so we can’t “fix” or “resolve” anything, just pass on advice :slight_smile: to get in contact with the actual SGG Support you have to #contact-support
How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)


Are you sure it was in hard mode?
Haven’t you been playing Atlantis and swap easy mode?
I completed S3 easy and hard mode and worked fine for me…
Any video or prtscreen?
You should submit a ticket if you’re sure that happens because here on forum we can’t do anything about it

Same problem. See screenshots:

That’s like that for everyone. It’s not a bug, it’s just a quick link to S3

There’s not actually anything you get for that “mission”…

And you can see that it says “next in xyz” time…?

So it can’t complete province 3 there and open up province 4 becwus province 4 doesn’t exist yet.

No bug or issue… Just gotta wait.

Come on… Then read again the original problem not during sleep.

Issue is not that we have to wait for the 4th…

Sorry what?

I was responding in that message to someone else on this thread.

My response to you was in post #2 here…

Sorry in that case :frowning:

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