Season 3 new heroes

what do you think about the new heroes, and what are your favorites?

Over 100% hp and hp blockers are the new style!
4 an 3 an 2 an 1 and when I’m in the WHITE, the sukkas run!

Noticed that they range from Very Slow to Average…

Yes they should make some fast great hero

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Or more of them :grimacing:


Well they should make they can also make some great 4* some of this are great but slow mana i don’t like it

And then Nerf it if it upsets some.

For balance, I’m glad they didn’t make these any faster.

So what they need to have some balance,if Telluria is so OP we can have some great 4 star heros,SG nerfed heroes long time ago and there was no problem and when they nerfed Tell so much complainments about and she is still best hero in game

Tell is DEFINITELY not the best hero in the game. Get a grip.


I agree, there is a new best (looking) hero in the game :heart_eyes:

Wondering what’s in that little bag he’s carrying, since he looks a little blurry I guess Grevle has his own weed :thinking:

Almur is great, got him and I missed a sorcerer for my 1000 emblems, others are on Cheshire Cat +20 :grinning:

She is no1 a i will not discus about it we can see all in game

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Hey fellas, there are 1000+ telluria threads, please spare us here :rofl:


The 4* star heroes i like are

She is a mini Evelyn with that green def down.
My first epic elemental def down. Im glad to have her.


He could be serviciable for some events, is like a version of colen and hes used in events. There arent plenty blue with strong AOE around.


Interesting mechanics… with that hp boost and hitting after the efect ends.
I hope he can shine as yellow lacks of healing

Yeah, that’s why after the changes Tell has been dropped by so many, many raid Ds. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Fair call.

I’ll desist. I’ve had enough of a laugh at Tutix’s delusions anyway.


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We’re going to see more “max HP reduced” incoming in the next few months. It’ll be interesting how they play off against each other’s specials.

You can laugh all the time it doesn’t change the things

Since that hp boosting can’t be dispelled it’s only fair these heroes aren’t fast ones imo.


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^^^ this is what I was referring to. Heimdall’s special explicitly states how it relates to special that reduce max HP.

This is what I expect to see more of in future.