Season 3 ideas

What about a land filled with giant insects?

Insect heroes could be awesome :grin:

How about a “journey to the centre of the earth” theme? Could be cool to do a dungeon crawl

Love the ideas!
I want a dungeon!
Maybe at the end of S1 after the dark lord.?
Make level 1 as hard as the dark lord, then up the ante for each level. Keep the flags at a reasonable level, or make the loot worthy.
So like that doing Atlantis can only help.
Could be fun.
Have fun

I like a dungeon idea too. Could play off of the story of season 1 in that the dark lord didn’t die, just dissipated and went underground to a race down there? could even incorporate some of season 1 levels and mark them as “hard” like in season 2 before having to go underground.


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Seems like the general consensus is we’re getting a season 3 at some point but it’s a ways away from becoming a reality. So what ideas do we have? As for me we have a Friar Tuck and a Little John, why isn’t season 3 called “Sherwood Forest”? How cool would a Robin Hood and Lady Marion be? Or a Prince John and a Sheriff? There’s so many ways to go there. I’d like to see what everyone else thinks

Herr are some ideas:


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

Tarsus. Escape the maze. After Atlantis that’s Poseidon’s realm we can visit the home of Hades. The ferryman, and Cerberus are a few hero ideas to add to Ares that already exists but has no back story as far as i can tell? Perseus can be another to add or Kronos could be fun.

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I love a majority of these ideas, especially a map that lets you choose your path.

The only one i don’t like is more things being timed. My anxiety goes crazy anytime i have to do something quickly within a time limit, that’s why i rarely do titans anymore

So I have an idea for season 3… saving another kingdom and for the special event similar to the Atlantis Summon Weekend have them send a special traveling trader that sells things for season 3 special currency like:
Extra Carpenters: shorten building time on your base by x% for x number of days
Extra Miners: increase iron mine production by x% for x number of days
Extra Farmers: increase food production by x% for x number of days
Extra Scholars: increase research speed by x% for x number of days
Lucky Tokens: Double chance to get 5* heroes (no more than 3)
Rare and Epic Ascension items (5 or so randomized offerings limited number available)
Rare and epic crafting materials (randomized limited number)

The extra carpenters miners scholars farmers are like visiting citizens hired as additional labor
The other items are things the trader has “found” on his travels and brought to offer for trade

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season 2 episode 2 save Olympus or travel to Hades to save someone or both season 2 episode and 3.
season 3 save Asgard.

Season 2 they made Lagoon, Sakura and Atlantis family. Maybe season 3 could be families about Ancient Egypt, Greek and Norse Mythology


For Season 3 I prefer the cities in the sky idea. Early in the map you would start from Atlantis or water and then journey across land in provinces 2/3 and then ascend mountains in provinces 4-8/9 and then from the mountain top (like maybe Mt. Olympus) you would take on cities in the sky or on top of tall peaks, or in the heavens. Maybe Ra is the ultimate end boss and he is trying to take over the heavens against Odin or Zeus. Each different area of progression would introduce certain new types of Season 3 and HotM heroes. 1/2 could be a water-based hero like a merman, turtle, then land- based heroes, progress through mountain-oriented heroes (goats/cats/alpaca) then sky/flight/god-like heroes (Ra/Zeus/Odin/eagles/hawks/bird-people).

I’d like Easy/Medium/Hard modes and you can only use 3* on easy, 3/4* on Medium, and 3/4/5* on Hard Mode…and lower the per flag cost CONSIDERABLY from the Season 2 costs! No one plays season 2 until ‘Atlantis Rises’. The loot per flag ratio is terrible otherwise.

Also, similar to the Family idea introduced in Season 2 that gives buffs/boosts…create buffs and boosts that help offset the Power Creep. Like putting in 5x Season 1 heroes would give you an attack boost. 5x Season 2 heroes would be a mana boost, 5x Season 3 could be a % Spirit Link or something. That will help to keep f2p/c2p players using the TC20 farmable heroes and being rewarded for it.

Lastly, I’d like to see Season 4 have a visitor from the future or an alien come through a time/space portal and kidnap heroes from Seasons 1/2/3 and we have to follow into the future/space to bring them back. Could change battle backgrounds to futuristic cities/space/other planets. Really opens up the hero options then. Aliens, lasers, electronic specials. Would be great.

Just my 2¢

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In season 1 and 2 both end bosses were purple. I would like to see also red, green, yellow and blue bosses. Maybe they can divide the map by 5 and we can choose in which order we complete them. Once completed the respective color gets a permanent bonus like a small attack boost for example. And the end boss can then be summoned and if the hard mode is completed as well, the chance for summoning this boss doubles.

A story-driven season 3 would be nice. Maybe more about the backstory of some heroes. And not like “oh, there are mosters everywhere! lets kill them all!” Or something like “trouble in your kingdom” so that you actually can play in your castle.

What do you mean with this?

I think Season 3 should have at least 2 to 3 paths,

  1. Lets call it NORMAL would be made to use our heroes as we know/use them now in maps.

  2. lets call this one CLASS should be hero class driven and thus making/increasing the use/reason for having hero classes. As this path would be obviously harder it would obviously provide better rewards.

  3. Lets call this one EMBLEMS which would only allow certian emblem type heros to battle but only heroes which have started to be built up with emblems can be used.

These would bring in quite a diverse variety aspect to using heros in different ways and probably also extend the amount of time takes to complete the whole map.

We have these additional aspects to our heroes so I feel it’s time these where actually used as by the time you’ve reached this season 3 map your roster should be able to accommodate these types of battles.

Just a thought

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I would like to suggest game ideas pertaining to season 3, I was thinking about maybe a season in space would be a great idea, with a fusion portal for combining necessary families or elemental heros of the same element be fused to create special space heros or villains

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