Season 3 ideas

I would like s3 to have varied content
Some suggestions they can look at

  • option choose a path
  • have certain star level of heroes that can be used
  • have certain hero classes that can be used
  • timed events , finish before timer goes off
  • scored maps , meet min score to finish it
  • mix up number of heroes that can be used
  • a map which you can’t use any hero that died on the following camps ,(if run out of heroes begin from camp 1 again )
  • a alliance based map , 30 camps , that each member can only kill once and have to reach certain goal ie score or time
  • one time generous rewards (ie mats /gems etc) for each map or camp completed , afterwards reverts to standards farming type rewards
  • completion of s3 you get given a hero which is only available for completion of season and can’t be summoned in any other event or purchased

I like the 2 last ideas. I think they should do the same for season 1 and 2 and retroactively hook players up that have already completed the seasons as well. Would be a very nice thank you from the devs to their sometimes grumpy but otherwise loyal customers.

The other ones are good, but I already spend way too much time on this game. Between wars, titans, class quests, raids, farming completing seasons and the apparent buy your raid thing coming soon, that’s already a ton.


Great ideas @ [Newbie2019]

  • option choose a path
  • one time generous rewards (ie mats /gems etc) for each map or camp completed , afterwards reverts to standards farming type rewards
  • completion of s3 you get given a hero which is only available for completion of season and can’t be summoned in any other event or purchased

I like these ideas, choosing your own path makes it a bit more spontaneous;
Who doesn’t love “generous rewards”, but really that would make for more interesting game play;
A hero for completing the season would be nice, maybe a Legendary one :smiley:


Legendary for finished hard level, ( the heroes must worth the mats) . It will help FTP to have at least 1 decent legendary heroes .

Epic heroes for finished easy level :wink:
That will be awesome rewards.

** OOT : And It will be cool if SG make another competition not base on how fast we can finished the stage, but how far we can finished the challenge. Let say SG make the challenge step by step from the easiest to hardest so we must find the way to pass it with all eford and can know our progress in the next challenge.


Maybe a survival mission in the quests section?

Comes up every so often and the longer you last through waves the more / better loot you get


How about some areas or maybe the whole season at a lower energy cost to certain * heroes. There is a lot of comments about useless 3* heroes but some people do not have many above this level. So maybe season 3 max rare max epic and anything you want either levels or season, possibly optional areas. A reward for completing X levels with rare could be a guaranteed epic token and x levels with epic a guaranteed season 3 legendary hero. So a bit like season 2 normal and hard mode but would mean the rare heroes would actually be back in play rather than just being an annoyance. For some players EPIC are not much use anymore either(except Wilbur who is too powerful in my humble opinion).


These are the ideas I find interesting. I wouldn’t like a score level, because it doesn’t make sense. It’s an rpg using Match 3 mechanism, not a Match 3 with a story. I would definitely welcome an option which guarantees a good hero. The idea about not using a hero who died is interestng, but I don’t think I’d like that in this game.

An option which I would add:

  • Guest hero quests - One of the five heroes you use is someone who’s acompanying you on the quest, but who you don’t own. Like Ariel, for example. She would be a full level, full skill, no emblem (or maybe) hero you have to have in your party for a certain level (like when you’re facing her father). It would give players a chance to try new heroes before they can aquire them. This might lead to some frustration of “■■■■, I really like that hero, I want it”, but hey, we have that anyway with gravemaker and such
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I like this idea but would prefer if they introduced this completion award for a Season 1 hard mode. Because they said in the recent AMA that there will be a gap between the ending of Season 2 and the introduction of Season 3. So I would approve this addition of the hard mode in order to have something worth spending your flags on.
Upon completion you will get either Elena, Richard or Vivica :joy: (or maybe a new shiny hero :drooling_face:)

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We have a nice set of hotm we could doe a over throw of the kingdom lead by a strong hotm to take kingdom from originals and only original be aloud to fight in season 3 with Atlantis heroes to help keep from the overthrown attack

Storyboard: the hotm are heroes from around the world so they see the kingdom getting to strong and go against the orginals but Poseidon sees the kingdom as a grand begin for the world and if this sounds go I’ve got full story line

I like those ideas. We had some sort of pseudo timed even in atlantis (underwater special stage) but running out of turns only deal DOT in that one.

If it is about the story, I would like the setting to be in the sky, we already had land (season 1) and sea (season 2).

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The hotm could be brought in by the titans and the titans be some finale bosses in stages too. And have holy fire heroes and dark nature with holy ice crossover mega titans

Bring back dark lord as the leader and him be the trophy hero with same attack as season 1 but with 125% counterattack across team with 5 hotm for final level

The heroes his wall in front of him in back

Making the hotm the spies for dark lord until he can arise again

Like a good member I searched first before posting my season 3 idea and I think here is a good place to post it.
@Newbie2019 really liking the ideas you put there as well.
My favourites:

Anyway, here is the actual idea I would like to post, a new gameplay to be introduced.

You keep your provinces with a certain amount of stages in them not necessarily 10.
At the start of a province you should select 25 heroes to play the province with.
The stages could have limitations on what heroes can be used some stages would be able to use more than 5 heroes some final stages you would be allowed all 25 if they are still allive at that point.

Most is pretty straightforward as limitations on which heroes are allowed is already used in tournaments.

But the game changer is the more than 5 hero battle.
Example you have a final stage where all 25 enter at the same time:
Here they would be put in a matrix of 5 by 5 where all allies would only refer too the horizontal and vertical line on the grid. Same would go for nearby allies both vertical and horizontal.
Similarly if the enemy attacks with an attack all special this would apply like this.

You would need an extra set of storymode items to heal up or revive heroes between stages. Make them rare enough so people really need to think when to use them.

Hope you like the idea.

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Nice idea.
In the paths have a path for rare epic and Ledgendary offering rewards accordingly.

Complete all 3 paths from 1 stage and get an extra completion reward.

What are some ideas for the Season 3 setting?

I really like the idea from @yelnats_24 for it to be in the sky! That could be great with floating cities and bird people.

Other settings could be prehistoric times, with early man. We could fight cave bears and giant sloths.

I think that outer space would be too off brand for E&P, but I could be sold on it if done right.


Прекрасно понимаю, что я не один такой. Хотел предложить идею сценария сезона. Как связаться с разработчиком по эл. почте напрямую? Или это в принципе не возможно?