Season 3 beta testing: summary of a decline

I wouldn’t worry about Reddit @Rohn as a means to get invited to beta. Different platforms attract different people. There’s also Facebook, Line, and discord (as well as others I’m sure). I’d focus on what you enjoy.

I was at a families house over thanksgiving and the game came up. He asked about reddit and went there. He commented that it appeared to be an active community compared to other reddit sites he’d been on. He read me a post to see if I understood it. It had terms like RNG and 3* and 10-pull. It was basically a similar post you’d see here, just a different platform and different user. My thoughts only.


That’s fine, it’s not people who are strong contributors on both who’ve been invited, it’s that people from each platform who are strong contributors on one of them have been invited.

Contributing to just one platform is totally great. (That’s all I do, personally, I don’t have enough time to do anything on a second platform.)


This is VERY important.

Having taking courses on research polling, the forum one was… not very good.

They seem to want feedback but do not want to hire a professional trained in collecting feedback.

They are currently running Beta like a critical bug test. Instead of hiring a professional trained in feedback Betas.

They are currently running forum as a player community.

I would love if they hired an Elo expert for 12 months and a feedback expert permanently.


Reddit can be very toxic because of down voting posted research on why down voting prevents meaningful discussions:


@zephyr1 can i ask you one thing? Beta beat was your own idea?
I mean, you proposed to do it or Small Giant proposed it?

Not to blame it or anything, it is very well done.
Just curious.


It was my own idea, Small Giant didn’t propose it.

I actually wasn’t initially entirely sure if they’d be ok with it when I first did it. It seemed within the rules, but no one had really posted so much Beta information in one place on the Forum before. @Garanwyn suggested at the time that I ask permission first, but I published the first Beta Beat without telling SG that I was going to, figuring it was better to beg forgiveness if needed.

As it turned out, they were supportive of it after I started. I’ve gotten feedback from Small Giant Staff that I shouldn’t feel obligated to continue, but that they appreciate the effort, and think it’s very useful for Forum members.

I started Beta Beat trying to address two ongoing problems from my perspective:

  1. Beta players were often criticized about having information that general players didn’t. While most Beta information was available on the Forum, it was scattered. I wanted to make it easy for everyone to find, and democratize the information.

  2. Beta information shared on Line, Facebook, and Discord etc. is often incorrect or outdated. Screenshots get posted without context or explanation, and often aren’t updated as Beta is revised. I wanted to try to have a centralized place with updated information, and more detailed explanations.

I like to think that it’s contributed to those goals, and is a help to the player community, though I remain open to feedback on improving or eliminating it if it’s ever unproductive for players.


Your work is much appreciated and highly referenced!

I know personally while I find some screenshots around line chats I constantly reference back to the beta beat for the most recent information!


Based on the number of total forum members who of which there may be many who didn’t come on any more would make up about 0.01% of the whole few million of total player base which is where SGG would focus most of their data from. Note we are not even a whole 1% of whingers and whinners, lol, so why would we matter.

We here in thus forum other than for bugs and updates and the odd new suggestion, we wouldn’t really matter and the fact they never respond only goes to strengthen that.

When a company has 99.09% of a few million players which are content and don’t feel the need to whinge and complain plus which would do summons without complaining and spend money without whining about results, who do you think they base their directions towards in their meetings.
We are the 0.01% they probably ignore the most and just call us a bunch of losers with nothing better to do with our time than come on here and complain.,lol, at least as a dev dealing with millions of players that would be my way of looking at it, lol.

It’s business, why waste time with the extremely minute minor few when the major majority are content.

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I think there is some truth to that but just by goin and visiting the ideas & suggestions category and some of the complaint threads, it does seem they listen a tad more than given credit for

They can’t fix every complaint, they can’t spend hours on forum dealin with smarta**es, but i do think they read & take into account more than we think they do

Too many times they’ve responded directly to forum members, or have released a patch/bug fix brought up by forum members(alliance wars, countless others), changed certain mechanics(onatel, perseus), and just within the past week I’ve seen @mhalttu hop into conversations to address issues(1&2* tournaments, alliance wars)

Sure we’re a very small voice as far as %s go, but we’re really their only voice

Even the google reviews don’t paint a clear picture about what is good about this game, what can be improve, and what is going on within the current meta

I highly doubt they see a bunch of losers. They have said themselves when creating this game, they wanted it to be more like a hobby than a game, and i think with how active the forum & line is and all the size/activity of the community in those areas, they’ve done that

I’ve complained quite a bit about their lack of communication, etc but i do feel it has improved in the general forum within the past 6 months. I can’t say it for sure it has improved or gotten worse in beta, I’m not in beta and right now we only have a few voices sayin beta is pointless since developer feedback is non existent

Idk how to fix the communication issue, maybe there’s just not enough time in the day(i know i still have a Ton of line pm’s i haven’t read and will probably never get to, and I’m sure there’s some annoyed or pissed at me too). I do think general forum wise, the more we can compile threads, the more we can tag a dev when something is “worthy” of their attention, then the easier it makes it for them to keep up. I would assume Beta forum activity isn’t as large in volume as the activity in the general forum, so it probably isn’t too much to ask of a game developer to read the posts and give feedback. I’m sure even copy/paste responses with some blanks filled in would be more sufficient than the amount of feedback they give there now.

I do think regardless of how much feedback they give, we should still tell em when we see an improvement that could be made, a bug to be fixed, etc

The game makes money either way, so it screws ourselves a lot more than it screws them if we don’t give feedback about wth is goin on

Just my scattered pre coffee 2 cents. Idk what the whole problem is on their side of things, but i hope it gets resolved and look forward to the death of these types of complaints


Beta beat has been invaluable at keeping me interested in the game, and my alliance, through me, from you, updated and engaged.

Mine is likely far from a unique experience. I suspect your reach with Beta Beat is amplified x30 many many times over.

I may not say it enough, but thank you for all you do.


In think your Beta Beat posts are some of the most valuable and positive conversation staters around. I learn more from those threads than just about all others combined.

Thank you for what you do.


Beta Beat is a wonderful source of information. I appreciate it a great deal and it does get passed on through me to alliances members and other friends in the community. I have never looked at it as advertising but more of a mostly unbiased report of what is in the works. Thank you.

Can’t wait for the Hero Academy version. lololol oops, I fell out of my chair…


Tested S3 heros instead of new features for the game.

Maybe in 2 o 3 Years :wink:

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thank you all here spoke … thank you all who fight … thank you all thoughts …I hope someday someone will be heard. Heroes costumes. heroes. tournament … academy heroes … lab … nobody listens to us SG doesn’t even read … so I eat many tired of fighting …

Because simply nothing serves our voice our thinking our opinion … simply e = zero nothing …

A profit? How much more can they bleed us. Shall I sell a kidney?

Couldn’t agree more @Rigs

I fully agree. There really is no incentive to continue with any part of this game anymore. It used to be fun when I first started. I am at level 71 and earned my hero’s and everything else by working hard and getting something for my hard work. But that has all changed, from titans now directly targeting healers immediately, to much lower level teams raising and beating a much higher team. It’s become rediculous. First emblems were introduced and deep picked purchased everything they could now I can’t cimpete, but now there’s costumes, that are being maxed very quickly, and again I cannot compete. I can’t compete because I can no longer obtain the latest strongest hero’s no matter how hard I try. So thank you for what was once a fun game to I don’t care anymore game.

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Maybe they’ve seen my post and actually retrieved some beta accounts :rofl:


Hehe there were a couple others who said the same thing before & after too :stuck_out_tongue:

Call it a coordinated concerted group effort :wink:

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