Season 3 beta testing: summary of a decline

It was my own idea, Small Giant didn’t propose it.

I actually wasn’t initially entirely sure if they’d be ok with it when I first did it. It seemed within the rules, but no one had really posted so much Beta information in one place on the Forum before. @Garanwyn suggested at the time that I ask permission first, but I published the first Beta Beat without telling SG that I was going to, figuring it was better to beg forgiveness if needed.

As it turned out, they were supportive of it after I started. I’ve gotten feedback from Small Giant Staff that I shouldn’t feel obligated to continue, but that they appreciate the effort, and think it’s very useful for Forum members.

I started Beta Beat trying to address two ongoing problems from my perspective:

  1. Beta players were often criticized about having information that general players didn’t. While most Beta information was available on the Forum, it was scattered. I wanted to make it easy for everyone to find, and democratize the information.

  2. Beta information shared on Line, Facebook, and Discord etc. is often incorrect or outdated. Screenshots get posted without context or explanation, and often aren’t updated as Beta is revised. I wanted to try to have a centralized place with updated information, and more detailed explanations.

I like to think that it’s contributed to those goals, and is a help to the player community, though I remain open to feedback on improving or eliminating it if it’s ever unproductive for players.