Season 3 Avatar Mission Discussions

Similar to the Avatar Missions of Season 2, Season 3 once again arrived with its own Avatars for defeating a number of enemies. I am a little surprised that there hasn’t been more discussions about it, probably because Season 3 was just released and not everyone had access to it.

I see that a few of my alliance mates have already gotten the Forest Troll up, I guess some people wanted to get started on these earlier and are doing these in lieu of other WE spending areas.

No fancy graphics yet, but the Forest Trolls are easy enough 50 of them, which means you could’ve probably gotten a few down by going through the Normal / Hard Mode once. It is the 400 Boars that would be an issue if you are trying to do get them in the same time you are working on the Trolls. Thus far, I haven’t found too many stages (out of the 3 provinces released currently) that gives a lot of Boars and the same time as the Troll at the end. I’ve actually come across a few stages where even though the Boars is an enemy that is supposed to show up basis on the mission screen (with the Forest Troll), but didn’t actually see one single boar going through the stage (a bug of some kind perhaps?)

For the boars, though, so far, I found Province 2 Stage 8 Normal to be a very good stage to pick up the boars count, total of 5 waves, and boars can show up along side of the Boss. One run on Normal for 6 WE would roughly give about 9 to 11 boars.

The boar avatar seemed like it could use some centering though, it’s too far to the right, can be moved to the left a little because that’s a lot of wasted space, unless you have a background.

Any one have started on the graphics or have better stage combination suggestions?

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