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thank you, this game deserves/needs/must have new season asap :slight_smile:

IMO I’m sure it has something to do with them being bought out by the other company

I wish they would add a way to see the story shown between areas, in case you missed it or forgot what happened.

But most of all, they need to add a “collect all” button to the training camps!!!

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It would be fun to start speculating what it could be about :smiley:

I’m fine waiting myself, like many players who are still growing, it’ll take a while to get through season 2’s hard mode content.

What I’m wondering… is what will happen to Atlantis coins once that happens? No use worrying about that now, and I’m sure they’ll still have some use once we get there.

There are thousand thinks which could be done but season 3 is the least I care about.
The only thing I know is that Season 3 will not be released this year, maybe 2020 maybe later.

SG we want:

  • delete dead alliances
  • implement a normal autofarm system and take yout loot tickets back
  • change the villagers to male/female population with clothes and hairs
  • give ham or sth. for killing geese and dragons
  • foundation date of an alliance should be displayed in the ally description
  • a green and a red light which shows in the alliance if somebody is on- or offline like in the wars
  • hiding irrelevant heroes during leveling or war-setting
  • A “collect all” button to pick up all the food, iron and forgings, etc.
    etc. ect.


Dev Tim:

Once Season 3 starts we might do something else, but we won’t devalue Atlantis coins but we might do some shuffling around.



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Guys, does anyone knows if we are getting a season 3, and if so, any idea of when?

Repeating season 2 is kinda boring, lol…

After season’s 2 ends :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really? Where? I’m sure I can’t see it anywhere. Or one has to complete both stages of season 2?

It isn’t here yet, we have at least another round of maps to complete!
(it have yet to be released)

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Oh no! I’m not most patient human been… Ha ha I’m gonna be bored very soon then :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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It was said in the AMA chat that will be a break of several months between end of season 2 and start of season 3.


Based upon the Dev’s comments, it won’t be until late in the year 2019.

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Thanks for sharing the Developers’ team answers, that’s good to know! :+1:

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Cute much! Lol I like that profile name ha ha

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another round of maps ?
can you elaborate please , is this beyond atlantis both modes & atlantis rises ?

On 1st April were still missing some provinces…
Devs then stated that S3 will take start after few months After S2’s end.

I have no idea about how S3 will look but I think there would be new maps and the story would keep growing.


Any update get season 3 out there please.

Nope no updates noted as far as we know.
So all we can do is wait paitiently and enjoy what we have now.

Season 3 is very far down the list:

From Dev Tim

( :black_square_button: and :white_check_mark: added )

" Tim: We have at least four big features coming this year:

  • Challenge event update🔲

  • Stronghold expansion/update🔲

  • “Skins” which is far more than just swapping the looks🔲

  • Raid Tournaments✅

(SGG "Ask Me Anything" transcript - 13 March 2019)"

"Will go to Season 3 as soon as we have it ready, but it’s very unlikely we’ll have it done even in half a year. It’s going to have at least the same number of new heroes, at least the same number of provinces, and some extra spice there like the things we did in Season, and address some issues people had with Season 2.

There will be a gap between Season 2 and Season 3.

(SGG "Ask Me Anything" transcript - 13 March 2019)"

So maybe late 2019/ early 2020.

Or not.


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