SEASON 2 World Energy not realistic

So I am normally behind SG but how do you figure that 12 WE for the hard portion of the latest season 2 is justified. It works out to less than 300xp per flag and the recruits and loot are horrendous. I get better loot from the normal levels and still get better xp per flag how does this make sense.

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Yea, I only farm for kits in province 1, stage 10 on hard. Only when I have loot tickets though. Everything else is still the 3WE stages for me.


The hard levels are an ‘energy’ grab. Essentially you’re paying for a few Atlantis coins.

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Let’s see…my guess is so that you spend on energy flasks, which are gem driven, which are your CC driven?

It’s a brilliant money chain…so, for us, not realistic, for game monetization, makes perfect sense.

Just seems to be the way the game is going.

Some levels are well worth it, at least to me. I’m finding 15-8 useful for a good mix of Firestone, recruits, and xp.


TL; DR: I agree that it is too much WE for ‘normal’ levels.

Hard levels have measurably better loot, depending on what you farm for.

The world energy for normal energy seems excessive, even to me, even as I understand that the gameplay is geared to those who have finished s1.

However You DO get the tokens, you just have to beat each level once and move on. I would point out, S2 1-9 is 100% better on pack-for-flag ratio. If you want better odds for Orichalcum nuggets, Dragon Bones, Meteor Fragments, etc, then s2 is the best place to go.

You trade world energy for better loot, I 100% disagree that s1 has better loot. It’s just not true, especially on Hard.

E&P has given you options to farm, now, better than ever before. You have more choices to farm for specific things that were unavailable previously (nuggets, bones, etc). It’s all a trade-off, you sacrifice something to get something else.

If you need to power-level (because, reasons?) then use all world energy on 23-11 and level to your heart’s content. If you need to stock up on recruits? S1 has the edge. Outside of that… s2 has what you need. You’re simply not going to get everything you want, and I’m not about to argue about the ‘cash grab’ for it being a “WE Eater” because that goes without saying.

EDIT S2 Hard levels are the best for using the loot tickets. :slight_smile:

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I think the goal is to slow down the process.

If they rolled out season 2 all at once and had low WE to complete it, people would finish it in a week and demand Season 3.

High WE and difficult mission goals make the player slow down so the devs can come up with and roll out new content.

And if they happen to make a few bucks along the way for flasks, then so be it.


Its too high for me. I love to complete them for the coins, but I also like to see the countdown timer. As the release before this last one, I have not gone through them. Mainly because it cost me too much in backpacks and even S2 1-9 Hard can keep me going 24-7.

Not the end of the world to me, but I do wish they were a little lower.

Just to clarify I am not complaining about all of S2 and yes S2 has better loot than S1 but the latest release has increased hard from 11 WE to now 12 with no extra benefits. There are a few stages that do offer decent rewards but without getting into specific items and strictly speaking on a per flag basis imo it is more beneficial to farm normal levels.

You are correct however that farming for xp becomes a mute point. I have 2 accounts; an f2p at level 30 and my main at 66. The smaller I still need a higher WE level to make farming easier but there is no benefit to leveling up. You spend 2 weeks leveling up for refills. Kind of a waste but this is a whole other rant for me. Thanks for your feedback.

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