Season 2 update?


Yes, this is a very good idea!


cool so they’re like event heroes only available on that tab, thanks for the reply


Was this sent out? I never received it


You have to look actively. This was not a note sent this was a post at Forum. I found it under “new” but I also check News and updates regularly. Just click the right category…


I want to point out that many beta players has criticized this season 2, but actually none or so has changed since then.
Once again is one-sided decision with more or less ignoring the players feedback.

Have fun.


Just got it in my inbox


We will. Don’t worry


Of course I have seen the reward
For finishing season 1. Not very good actually. Disappointed.


Boss wolf’s special now lasts for 4 turns and his decrease to mana generation is now -34%.
Anyone noticed any other changes in current heroes?


Full release notes have been posted here now:


I see nothing about individual opt out for wars


Thought that was for alliance only. The leader can opt out before war starts


Individual opt out was promised to come out this month.


Didn’t see that. …


Doesn’t an individual opt out kind of say screw you to your alliance?

Good reason to boot someone I would think?


Well the idea is that it counts you out from MM, so your alliance should still get a fair war even if you opt out.
I don’t see it as a screw you, more of the opposite, if you don’t have motivation/time for war then it’s better to opt out.
Reason to boot? Maybe, depends on the alliance.


Fair enough, but the wars are an alliance thing.

If you don’t have the motivation I am sure there are some alliances that don’t participate at all. One war is different than every war though. This is where the boot would come into play.

I guess it is something to try. See how many people come to the forum saying they got booted for opting out…


I like it.

We have a couple of players who never take part in war, but are good and stable titan hitters so we don’t want to boot. It’s not like players are lining up to join :slight_smile:


@Petri Are current heroes of the month also featured in atlantis summon or do you have to choose between the atlantis heroes or the HOTM?


@EvilSmoothie I don’t recall saying when it was, it was just said that they released alliance opt out so we don’t have to wait for the per player opt out, which also may never come, depending on the feedback and data they receive until then. It was said I think something like ‘after summer’ but more in general terms.

@Rockstar9280 few situations where it’s really useful to have per player is that if you can’t be there for some time, to not cause wrong match ups for the team - like vacation, hospital, week of night shifts and what not.
Of course, if alliance wants 100% attendance for each war, then anyone with real life obligations that may interfere with the game, need to find different alliance, I agree with your reasoning. However, many alliances won’t take for evil, even now, if you have some other obligations, and with per player opt out, you help them not being too stranded without you. Yes, titan stays, but usually if alliance is hitting the titan in their fire range, one player missing can be done, if nothing else, with the flask.