Season 2 update?

Just to clarify, a player has to finish all the provinces in season one before one can proceed to season 2 right?

I am not sure since I already had beat s1. But my guess is no, s2 normal mode is very easy. I can auto-play it with a 4* Max team without a healer

Hmm, SG makes it very hard for me to dont want make me to quit. I didnt expect too much of season 2. But atleast a few Things should be a bit better. I really Hope they Change this. I didnt heared anything noteworthy of season 2.

I think I started Beta Season 2 the day before I finished Season 1. Don’t quote me! :grin:

(I think you’ll be able to get access. Season 2 is harder though). September is around the corner…soooon!

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Exciting! Love this game! I just hope that devs give out non farmable mats more often, like rare quests and/or elemental chests frequently.




That implies that Season 2 is coming next week, which is great news indeed! :slightly_smiling_face:


The Atlantis heroes are only available through the Atlantis Summon, but there is a way to earn coins towards an Atlantis Summon by playing the S2 map. The first time you beat a level on easy or on hard you get atlantis coins. A certain number of coins allows you to get a free summons.


Hopefully they will add 1 Atlantis coin per day to subscribsion package. Could be really nice.


Yes, this is a very good idea!


cool so they’re like event heroes only available on that tab, thanks for the reply

Was this sent out? I never received it

You have to look actively. This was not a note sent this was a post at Forum. I found it under “new” but I also check News and updates regularly. Just click the right category…

I want to point out that many beta players has criticized this season 2, but actually none or so has changed since then.
Once again is one-sided decision with more or less ignoring the players feedback.

Have fun.

Just got it in my inbox

We will. Don’t worry


Of course I have seen the reward
For finishing season 1. Not very good actually. Disappointed.

Boss wolf’s special now lasts for 4 turns and his decrease to mana generation is now -34%.
Anyone noticed any other changes in current heroes?

Full release notes have been posted here now:

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I see nothing about individual opt out for wars

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