Season 2 update?


The sneak peak for Season 2 came out in December '17. Eight months later, still no Season 2. Does anyone know when we might see Season 2 released? Thanks for any info!


Apparently September, there has been some discussion of it being in beta now


I can confirm it is in beta testing and being updated all the time to get rid of bugs. Sooner than later.


New heroes are coming. Question is, are some of them available through epic hero summons? 4* and 5*. No need for details just yes or no. Thanks :wink:


Nope, S2 hereos are only available through a special Atlantis (Season 2) summon.


And cost more gems than the “old heroes” unfortunately… (400 gems)


are they available through TC20, i’m guessing not but doesn’t hurt to ask


Season 2 will be the end of the game for a lot of players… SG is testing our pockets for now. So we have time till September to save some money for them, or just look at the new content, like a cat looking at calendars.


There appear to be a lot of new heroes, and it will be a matter of paying a lot to get them or watching them from afar…

There is also a whole new map to work through, and two difficulty levels for it, and that will keep us interested for a while.

Personally I’m REALLY hoping for some productive levels to farm which are harder than 12-9 and provide good amounts of recruits for world energy flags consumed…unlike everything past 12-9 on the current map! Heck, even 12-9 is noticeably worse than the three flag zone for recruits!


Sorry man you out of luck, we already complained about that and the made a small adjustment but still crap


Just to clarify, a player has to finish all the provinces in season one before one can proceed to season 2 right?


I am not sure since I already had beat s1. But my guess is no, s2 normal mode is very easy. I can auto-play it with a 4* Max team without a healer


Hmm, SG makes it very hard for me to dont want make me to quit. I didnt expect too much of season 2. But atleast a few Things should be a bit better. I really Hope they Change this. I didnt heared anything noteworthy of season 2.


I think I started Beta Season 2 the day before I finished Season 1. Don’t quote me! :grin:

(I think you’ll be able to get access. Season 2 is harder though). September is around the corner…soooon!


Exciting! Love this game! I just hope that devs give out non farmable mats more often, like rare quests and/or elemental chests frequently.




That implies that Season 2 is coming next week, which is great news indeed! :slightly_smiling_face:


The Atlantis heroes are only available through the Atlantis Summon, but there is a way to earn coins towards an Atlantis Summon by playing the S2 map. The first time you beat a level on easy or on hard you get atlantis coins. A certain number of coins allows you to get a free summons.


Hopefully they will add 1 Atlantis coin per day to subscribsion package. Could be really nice.


Yes, this is a very good idea!