Season 2 upcoming summon heroes?


I am able to use them for the Seasonal pull… they don’t work for Atlantis?


Correct. Seasonal displaced Epic this month, but on Atlantis you can only use Atlantis coins or gems.



Guess I don’t get anything from Season 2 for a LONG time then. That’s frustrating.

Thank you for the heads up.


You can earn 30 Atlantis coins for each S2 province at normal levels, plus 50 more in hard mode. That should give you at least a few pulls.


Mitsuko 3 times

Screw that


What about this new atlantis summon? Any idea what featured heroes will be available?

Any insight on the Atlantis pull coming on 1.24?

can we get a leo lion for august can we can we
zim kitty is closest but i wanna lion lols


His name is Azlar. Seriously, they are related.


Speaking of azlar…


can i get a yellow lion lmoaf roar


Put ‘m up! Put ‘m up!


roar raw raw row meow . kiity


Every time I look at your predictions, my inner hope for Tarlak dies a little. I wish he was featured.


If the summons turns out to be on a repeating cycle, he should be featured again in something like May or June.


I don’t think this one has the cahoonas to front even a 1* titan, or even a christmas garden gnome for that matter.

I’ll stick to Azlar thanks.


Tarlak will probably never be featured until after the entire Season 2 rollout is complete. The Lagoon family had their innings in the first three months; now we’re in the Sakura family. February-April will be Atlantis family. Perhaps in May they’ll cycle back to Lagoon.


If I had to, I would place my bet to Inari + Kage (atlantis) and Hel + Thoth-Amun (hotm) :stuck_out_tongue:


Three purple featured heroes? Nah, sounds like too many. My guess is Thoth and GM.


Tarlak is a normal hero now . He was listed at the last summon as a normal hero to summon amd propably will be there also like misandra or the shark guy


I guess you’re right. There were never 3 of the same color. I just wish so much Hel was included!