Season 2 upcoming summon heroes?

Do you have any idea which 5* old or new heros will be available at the upcoming season2 summon that will be available next week?

I’m hoping Poseidon and Atomos are the next 5*'s to show up along with Kageburado

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We won’t know until it’s up next week.

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There’s lots of speculation. If you search on the forum for December Atlantis threads, you’ll find what people are guessing.

This hero will appear next atlantis portal for sure…


One special skill is ramdom attack because she doesnt remember who.
Other skill is she summons one minion to a ramdom ally


This is her minion.


I expect Season 2 heroes to be:

  • December: Inari Mitsuko & Kageburado
  • January: Kageburado & Mitsuko Inari
  • February: Ariel & Atomos
  • March: Atomos & Poseidon
  • April: Poseidon & Ariel

No idea about returning HotM.


@Tato, I think there’s something fishy about your information


Does anyone know the hotm that will be included in Atlantis tonight?? Thanks

Just wait 13 hours and 43 minutes.

Or do a quick scan back through the topic list in General Discussion. 30 seconds of searching will find the speculation threads that are out there.

Do I need to have completed Season 1 or Season 2 in order to be able to do Atlantis pulls?

Nope. You don’t even have to have started.


If you haven’t done an Atlantis pull, though, you’ll want to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the odds and structure before deciding how much to spend. They have “featured heroes”, and returning HOTM, as well as the normal Atlantis 3*-5* and the Season 1 3*-5*.

Oh yeah. I’m fully aware of the gigantic 1.3% chance of the HotM and 3% (or so) chance of a 5* hero.

I’m pretty new to the game, so even a 3* hero is a welcome addition to the squad. A 4* would be awesome, a 5* would be incredible. If any of them are truly Season 2 heroes, I’ll also be quite stoked. I’m planning to get a 3rd Renfeld, though.

Just spending already earned tokens, is all. :slight_smile:


Epic hero,tokens can only be used in the epic hero portal, not Atlantis.

And odds of a 5* are 2.5% in Atlantis or Elemental, 1.5% in Epic.

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I am able to use them for the Seasonal pull… they don’t work for Atlantis?

Correct. Seasonal displaced Epic this month, but on Atlantis you can only use Atlantis coins or gems.

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Guess I don’t get anything from Season 2 for a LONG time then. That’s frustrating.

Thank you for the heads up.

You can earn 30 Atlantis coins for each S2 province at normal levels, plus 50 more in hard mode. That should give you at least a few pulls.

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Mitsuko 3 times

Screw that