Season 2 Titans

We should have Season 2 Titans :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea!

That would be cool !!

I agree, that sounds like an amazing idea. I wonder then if we would get six flags instead of three, so you’d have to choose which titan to spend your flags on or spread them out evenly, or if we’d have two separate sets of titan energy flags. Either way, sounds like a fun experiment, I’m in!

It could work the same way as is. The new Season 2 titans should be available only when Atlantis is active (3 days?), the other 30 days should be those old regular Season 1 titans :slight_smile:

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The portal is rising!!! :rofl::rofl::sunglasses:

(compare both pictures, the in the topic and this one ;))

It’s may be implemented at the time of the call of atlantis - one titan of atlantes, with their bonuses, similar to a rares titans, but once a month and special bonuses

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