Season 2 stage ERROR

Season 2stage ERROR @Petri @mhalttu @KiraSG

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Season 2 stage 10 episode 6. Beat it twice, after win error pops up. Does not register win. Takes all battle items used and world energy though. Total BS!!

I’m afraid it’s not entirely clear from the video you’ve posted what error you’ve found. Since the game requires connectivity, disconnects can happen from time to time.

Are you getting repeated disconnects, like the one in this video clip, on the same stage?

No loading monsters few times… lost my world energy :thinking::cry::cry:

So you try to enter the stage, but it just sits with no monsters, then exits?

One thing I’ve heard of that might be the problem is that the game needs a strong data connection for a while after the update, to download some materials. Here’s a post by SG staff that might help:

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to submit a support ticket through the in-game system.

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I’m not using Mobile networks… Wi-Fi only my Wi-Fi connection already fast fiber optics 30mbps

Then I’d definitely submit a support ticket through the in-game system. They should be able to help you further:

:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:thanks for information… @Garanwyn

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