Season 2 recruits

I find s2 15, lvl 10 gives 80ish recruits 3 x 12 action, any one find any even better?

S2 province 15, lvl 8 between 96 and 103 recruits , 3x12

15.8 hard is 33-35 for 12 flags

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There’s been a fair bit of discussion of this here:

15-8 Hard and 15-9 Normal are the best spots for recruits in Season 2, but neither lives up to 8-7 in Season 1 for maximizing recruits per flag.

There are other stages with less efficient recruits, but other loot that can balance out, like Backpacks.

I suggest checking out that thread for more info, as well as @hotdamnmess’s Season 2 Farming Guide.

Please see linked thread above. This thread is a duplicate and will be closed.

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