Season 2 Questions (not about the release date)

When Season 2 comes, will it be like in the big games? By that I mean, will all the ladders reset?

  1. Titan score ladder
  2. Cups reset

I think they should.

a) it gives some refreshment and sweeps out stagnation (for a short time, but that’s fine, a little rumble is fun)

b) it would allow for a smooth and not sudden changes to the AW matchmaking. With ladders reset, AW score could be made separate and allowed to build alongside the other two and make sense on its own

Yes, the initial match-making would be a complete clusterfuck, but that’s how resets are supposed to be :slight_smile: Honestly, it’s always been part of the fun. With proper incentives to climb, stronger teams and alliances would climb up fast and things would settle down.

Will you use Season 2 as a moment to introduce some bigger changes to the game to make it feel like the ‘new era’?

There are some things that community has been requesting.

  • Alchemy lab being one of the most prominent
  • A troop-training building being the next one
  • More balance changes to the underperforming heroes
  • The arrival of Hyper-Titans
  • Possibility to get past HotM heroes
  • Whatever else would fit a rejuvenation period (#cough# like making 5* hero items have 5* #cough# :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Not really a question, but more of a hope-statement. I would imagine Season 2 could be more than just a new map, but come with some fun celebratory events with prizes, new avatars, whatnot.

I think it’s THE opportunity to open a new chapter in the game. It would be kinda disappointing if all it meant was new map locations. Don’t miss out on the possible hype.


You reason and logic have no place here ma’am. :wink:


If anything involves resetting titans back to 1 stars and starting over, I veto that immediately.


No, that wouldn’t work with the way the game is built, obviously. The cooldown makes it impossible. I mean the titan score.

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If AW is really done by titan score, I wouldn’t mind resetting the titan score to do so. I do think that a new way to measure titan score should come about from that if we do see hyper titans though. :slight_smile:

What would that accomplish? Titan score is a relatively properly adjusted metric based on performance (as opposed to cups which can be specifically manipulated), resetting it isn’t going to do a whole lot other cause a couple weeks of chaos until things end up exactly where they were, minus any real time changes.

That’s how resets for new seasons always go in games. Even up the board, let people/groups prove themselves again. Provide a fresh excitement of climbing ranks/points and clear the old ‘stale’ ranks.

Yes, eventually things come back to where they were, but it’s a great opportunity to introduce various changes as with a wave of rejuvenating changes it’s easier to build a cohesive experience where everything works together and compliments each other.

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Resetting the Titan score would achieve total chaos and cause many alliances to boycott war.
Having played in a top 20 alliance (top10) now I know how hard these guys desire to win is.imagine your first match up after the reser and you see a top 10 alliance I will guarantee that most of your alliance will just stop playing and start complaining.
I know my current alliance would still fight but what fun is it for the likes of 7dd or Crystal Palace etc getting to beat up teams where most will be 1000 team power or more less than their lowest players

You’re right, it would be fun for 7dd to beat up on weaker teams, that’s not my intent. I would like to see all titans remain the same but since all decay of titan scores are at the same times, I would like to see all titans moving to the same spawn times as well. This would be more accurate tracking since the decay times have cause some mismatching to happen. I should have given a more detailed response and what can be proposed is that all alliances will have titan spawns the same and stating with a certain minimum titan score based on the current titan when that resets. An example of this is, all alliances that defeat a 10* would start at 80k, alliances at 9* 75k and so on and so forth. That sets a baseline going forward. I hope that my previous reply is not misconstrued as allowing the top teams to beat up on weaker teams until titan scores get to the point of where it needs to be.

My bad. :slight_smile:

i do agree with everything else but resetting titan score is just too much. it’s a really hard work to get on where we are now even if it’s just 5* titan. for example, you still need to beat +/- 3 titans of 1*,2*,3*,4* to get there and it’s hardwork of so many people in the alliance and take lots of times and commitments too zzzz. nobody or at least not a lot of players would be willing to suddenly give it up just to… start a new chapter and keep the freshness. and as others alr pointed out, if we suddenly matches up with the likes of 7dd or hhr while we’re actually not even in the top100 bc everything was reset…:relieved:

How can you even suggest that all spawn times are the same just so the decay rate happens at the same time etc. The rotating spawn times mean that everybody around the world gets a chance to be there when the Titan spawns.
Titan scores vary in our current war match up we were within 10 points of each other’s when it matched us. Now we are 5k apart. This can be easily explained due to us just beating our Titan and they would of just let one escape. There will never be a perfect way to match alliances in war but I think personally that the Titan score is the fairest way that exists at the minute.

Season 2 is just another map. How did you come up with resetting anything? Makes no sense to me. The only question is: would players who have not yet finished season 1 map be allowed to play season 2?
Looking forward to Season 2 very much, keep up the good job guys!


Because in every other game I’ve played/seen my friends play, new season comes with a kind of a fresh start, not just a new addition. And because I like it, it gives a fun feeling of a new era.

Yitans spawn at the same time for everyone would be a merc nightmare.

Stop bullying mercs, we love you!

This a brutal money making business. You simply cannot risk doing something which can make current players abandon the game and grab another. Leaving it the way it is, is risk free and that is what’s gonna happen. At least I strongly hope so. By the way I won’t leave, I love the game way too much :slight_smile:

Uhm… very nice questions…
But I hope in a Season 2 in the same app… i don’t want to start by 0… not now that I have a very competitive team.

I think you misunderstood what I wrote. It would still be rotating, it would be rotating the same daily. ie. 7AM today, 6 AM tomorrow, 5 AM the following. Everyone has the same spawn time, it would still rotate incorporate the world. There is much less variable that way.

I don’t see why that doesn’t work.

I have to agree with @Pois1 . I don’t believe that season two is anything more than a new map. If we link the release of the new map with a half dozen of our favorite game improvements, we probably won’t see any new content until Christmas.


Why would season 2 have anything to do with a Titan reset. Season 2 and beating Titan or two different things that the game offers, they are not linked.

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