Season 2 province loot is garbage

Is it just me or it’s way worse than before. I auto play it on hard when I don’t have time and in 3 runs I get maybe 5 backpacks and 1-2 heroes

That’s 30 world energy

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If you’re farming loot season 2 on hard is a poor choice.

I did 4 runs on season 2 1-2 hard and got 19 backpacks.

I farm on season 2 if I am good on recruits for my TC’s. It is something different than the same old levels.

Once I got my atlantis coins I stopped doing hard on season 2 and then started doing the normal season 2 levels to finish off the missions/gem quests.

Once that is done I may go back to farming recruits in season 1 however I do find backpacks are easier to farm in season 2 normal.

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Yeah no

I was saying what I got in a small sample. It won’t be that every time of course. When I don’t need recruits that bad I will farm season 2. It gives better XP and other items in general. I mainly stay in province 1 as I have seen the best results there.