Season 2 province hard mode

I’ve been trying to play Season 2 Province 10 and 11 hard mode and they aren’t loading then I get kicked out of the game. It seems to be only the stages with kitsunes. The underwater stages are working. The rest of the game works fine. I’m unable to collect my kitsunes for my mission or win my coins.

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This definitely looks like a bug. I would suggest you to contact support and open a ticket with them. Click #contact-support to get more info on how to go about it.


Reboot your device. …


I’ve done that several times. It didn’t help. I’ve also manually closed the app then opened again several times. I have submitted a ticket.

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I’ve sometimes seen this happen with specific Stages or content when some game assets haven’t been downloaded or are corrupted.

I’d try a different network first, and reinstalling the game app as a second step, particularly as you may not hear back from Support before Atlantis Rises ends.

I’m scared to reinstall. I’ve seen so many other players saying when they reinstall they lost their progress.

Fair enough. It shouldn’t be a problem if you have your account connected to Google or Apple Game Center, but no harm avoiding that.

I’d just wait to hear from Support, then.

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