Season 2 problem- Finishing Season 2 Mission

There are 5 more games, but there are 1 games to end in the profile!

You have yet to complete hard mode on levels 2,3,5,7,8. You can see that from the 3/8 under each of those levels. Those are the 5 levels that it shows you are missing (265/270 hard mode).


@Garanwyn seems to be spot on .


as @Garanwyn said you still need those 5 levels

i think that you mixed things up number of levels remaining with number of atlantis coins given by each level

an advise with level 9 its the most pain in hard mode for me be very careful while playing it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hy, I’m trying to signal a bug:
I finally finished the Atlantis in hard:

But I didn’t get the end mission loot, and it told me that I didn’t finished it:
I turned my phone off and on, I made a search on the forum about it, I don’t think I found anything like it.
Sorry if it’s the case, it’s been ages since I went on a forum, and I’m afraid I’m not very used to this.

So as a new user I don’t have the right for 2 pictures, so I put mu second one here:

Thanks again for your help

Hiya @Grumpycat1029;

I’ve moved your thread to a similarly titled one to your issue.

The season 2 hard mission ONLY gives the rewards when you’ve done all 270 stages on hard mode.

Check your profile card to see if you’ve got 270/270 for S2 Hard mode.

If not you’ll have to hunt through to find the stage/s that haven’t been completed in Hard Difficulty


Thank you so much, I looked and effectively, I forgot one level in some place. I dit it, and was well!

Well, I got five 3 stars heroes, but well…it’s the game.

Thanks again!


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