Season 2 Poison Mist

Season 2 poison mist stages doing damage randomly after I use a hero power in addition to end of each turn.

Seems to happen after I use Chao special or Lianna special after I make a move. The poison mist triggers, then triggers again when I do the special. Doesn’t happen every time but probably happens two to three times in a fight.

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Hmm try to take a screenshot if it happens again. Maybe it could be that your hero is poisoned by an opponents special? What specific stage was this on?

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I tried to upload a video but only images are allowed to be uploaded. A photo just wouldn’t do it justice.

It is definitely the poison triggering again. It’s the exact same amount of damage as the poison and it hits all of the heroes. Season 2 province 14 stage 9 easy mode. My lineup is left to right, Chao, Kiril,Kunchen, Colen, Lianna.

The only way I know how to post a video is to upload to to YouTube first then share it here. Might be too much of a hassle for some tho.

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