Season 2 Poison Mist Best Strategies?


Just played thru my 1st Poison Mist Stage in Season 2. Any suggestions for best strategy to use during these? Double Healer? Thanks


I’m fortunate in that my team is strong enough to shrug off the poison effect.

I would suggest two healers if you’re struggling, but also anything that helps you get through the enemy in fewer turns.

Do you have any defence Debuff heroes? Consider loading them with mana straight away.


I haven’t tried anything but double healer (Vivica + Kiril), as that’s my 1st choice in general.

… and I’ve breezed through “hard” non-boss levels on auto, just keeping an eye to turn brain on for dealing with the bosses.

I think double healers work well. :slight_smile:


Double healers, stacked colors to increase tile damage, attack buff + defense debuff


@JonahTheBard Thank You. Still building up my 3* heroes. Have Belith still leveling to go with Hawkmoon. Have Brienne for attack buff and Ulmer for defense debuff.


Thanks @Sidhekin. Working on my 3* heroes at present. I have 3 Melendor from my TC13 but have not leveled them yet. :grin:


Thanks @NPNKY Have Hawkmoon and Friar Tuck plus Belith nearly leveled. Have Brienne and Ulmer too.


Brienne’s ability is very useful on the poison mist stages. Each time the poison damages your heroes, it will cause the attack buff to increase.


Thanks @Kikyo. Have not been using Brienne too much yet. Her special is at 7/8 even though she is maxed. Just remembered I have Tyrum available to dispell enemy buffs too plus Gunnar to link with Brienne’s special. :grin:


I think that Season 2 is a challenge for 3* heroes, even at a normal level.


Thanks @SuuriKoira adding the poison mist is definitely more difficult. I’m happy just taking on a stage at a time though between farming, mission chests, etc… while I build up my teams. I have Hu Tao and Skittleskull at 3/60 for now to assist plus Grimm, Kelile, Melendor ×3 and Agwe ×2 to level up once I finish leveling my 3* :grin:


Sounds like a long way to go. :slight_smile: Melendor is a good healer, so he might help overcoming poison mist. Event at 3/60 he must be useful.


Pretty much but having fun in the process. No worries :sunglasses: Should I keep all 3 Melendor? My 2nd TC13 pulled it’s 1st 4* today. Scarlett :grin:


I’d keep them at least till the moment I’d be absolutely sure I don’t need them. Healers are valuable for Alliance Wars. Ideally, you need 6 of them, especially when revenge arrows are used as a defense bonus.


I found it useful to have two healers, where one is a pure healer. I also used some small potions to heal as well.

Specifically, I would make sure all five heroes last the first wave, and charge up as many of their specials as possible, and then let specials continuously take care of the rest of the waves and boss.


@peej27 Thanks. Have Hawkmoon and Friar Tuck maxed plus Belith nearly leveled now too.