SEASON 2: please adjust world energy cost or experience earned, or both

So far, the world energy cost of playing Season 2 is too high in relation to experience earned.

Season 2/Province 3/Stage 10/Hard costs 10 energy to play, and gives 2850 experience, or 285XP per flag.

I can play Season 1/Province 9/Stage 1 and earn 857 experience. At the cost of 3 energy, that amounts to 285.6XP per flag.

In my opinion, Atlantis coins do not compensate for the lack of experience points. Completing all Normal and Hard stages in a province yields 80 coins, so 240 coins for 3 provinces. (Was that enough for a summons? I can’t remember! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Season 2/Province 1/Stage 1 should, at the absolute least, be equal to Season 1/Province 15/Stage 9, which is 334XP per energy, and progress from there. After all, you must complete Province 15 to unlock Season 2.

And…increase Atlantis coins per province!

While I can see that the cost is high you have to take into account other variables.
Normally if you replay/farm any of the season 2 regions the drop off mats is better.
S2 region 1 on hard can produce 9 backpacks average I have got is 5 per 10 flags which is a far greater return that any lvl I have found on S1

By backpacks, do you mean adventure kits? The 1* ascension mat?

I agree the drop rate by far compensates for the 10 WE used to play.

What I would be asking for is an increase in WE flags so we could have the opportunity to play more of these S2 levels.

(Example) I get 28 WE flags only allowing me to play 2 games now although that amount increases over a 24hr period based on say only playing these hard levels it doesn’t leave much room for anything else shortening the time I would like to spend playing the game

Understanding that increasing WE flags also affects S1 why no add a new flag type in the game which could be allocated to just replaying S2 only once you completed a level using the normal WE flags.

(Example) if there where a new flag introduced for S2 at a rate of say 10 every 2 or 3 hours it would allow players to enjoy both aspects of the game more rather than only being able to play a couple of games at a time.

Having said that just a quick a note: my last 2 XP level ups haven’t increased my WE flag amount. Is that normal? Or is it a bug in the system?


I’m level 41, and have 36, if that helps :blush:

Wow so the increase does slow down then. So you worked long and hard to get to that stage (congrats) and only gives you 3 shots at S2 at 10 WE a pop.

You would think that after putting in all the hard work the flags would be at the very least be equal to the XP level then.

don’t you think my suggestion would be appreciated then?

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Frankly no. The WE cost of S2 levels should not reflect the amount of experience earned. The S2 levels are about rewarding players with better farmable ascension materials and crafting ingredients. If you want to farm XP, you can get better deals in S1. The same is true about recruits, S1 8-7 is still the king of recruiting. If there is a S2 stage that yields better results that’s fine and I’ll probably start farming there. But I don’t expect that all S2 stages should be given more recruits just to put them ahead of S1 8-7.

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I don’t think I said that.

I said based on what @Galaxygirl42 wrote that I would have expected the WE to be at the same level as the XP after all the hard work put into getting that high.

My suggestion for S2 was using a different/new type of WE introduced into the game.

But yes I also use 8/7 for recruits but having an added opportunity to also re-play S2 without it affecting the current WE would be a nice addition to the game otherwise as your point plainly proves once you have completed each level in S2 they will them become useless after that where as my suggestion offers a means of reframing.

I disagree about Season 2 being more farmable mats. Yes, you can win more in 1 board, but you spend too much energy to get there.

10 energy=1 play on season 2 hard (I used 3:10)
12 recruits, 1* hero, 1* troop
4-1* ingredients, 7-1* ascension
10-2* ing, 3-2* asc
1-3* asc
(25 total)

9 energy= 3 plays on season 1(I used 9:1)
19 recruits, no hero, no troop
(which sucks, because my tracking shows a drop rate of 1:3 for heroes, with a 1:3 chance of double hero, and a 1:4 for troop drop)
13-1* ing, 6-1* asc
2-2* ing, 5-2* asc
1-3* ing
1-4* ing
(28 total)


province 1 stages on hard are nice for kits.

Also, I don’t see Season 2 as a reward. I see it as a continuation of the game. But I don’t want to play in season 2, because it would take me too long to level up.

My biggest joy in Season 2 is having new levels to statistically quantify. Stats tracking would go much faster if energy costs were reduced.

Yes. I know I am a geek.


Season 2, 1:3 has given me 2 or 4 kits (never 3, weird) almost every time. 4 has occurred more than 2.

That’s 2:1:3 Normal.
2:1:5 Normal drops 1, 2, or 3 almost every time. 2 occurs most frequently.

Again isn’t that why my suggestion of a new type of WE be introduced which would only be used for S2 and not for S1.