Season 2 not saving correct hard/easy setting

I’m finding the behavior of season 2 has changed. It used to be it would remember which setting I did each stage on and stay at that. For example, if I did 2-1-10 easy, then 2-13-9 hard, if I went back to 2-1-10 it was set to easy by default.

Now it’s the other way around - if I did 2-1-10 easy, then 2-13-9 hard, if I come back to 2-1-10, it’s defaulting to hard.

This seems to be a bug - the game should remember the last setting used for that stage, not other stages.

Mine remembers the last setting I used ie easy or hard regardless of which level I select. My memory tells me it was always that way? But it is entirely plausible I am remembering wrong.


My experience is that it’s always worked that way — whichever mode you last did on any stage, it defaulted to that mode for other stages too, unless you hadn’t defeated the Normal mode already.

Maybe the change is that you beat more Hard stages?

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I’m 83% certain it was the other way when it first came out, but I’ve certainly been wrong before. Anyway, I feel regardless that it’s a bug (or at least significant QOL bad decision). I can’t image doing one stage a different way would affect other stages would be working as design, but I work for a company that develops software and I am never ceased to be amazed by what’s considered “WAD”

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Same for me. Always the last mode you played S2 was selected by default. Only exception is if you did not finished the level in normal so far…then you start normal.

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