Season 2 normal - Dense fog > which normal stage 7 to 9 dense fog is best for backpacks?

which normal stage 7 to 9 dense fog is best for backpacks?

Thanx :wink:

That’s a @BarryWuzHere or @Hotdamnmess question


I farmed 2:9-8 Normal to finish that mission. It had the best recruits, and 2:9-4, 5, and 6 Normal look to have similar levels, around 2.0 recruits/WE which is pretty good for S2.


Boss wise 8-6 and 8-9 are most suitable for autoplay. - gilra

Ah, I didn’t have trouble with any of the normal stages. Here are all the stages, with the number of recruits you can expect to farm if you start and finish the mission there. Obviously since you’ve been at it some, you won’t get that many more…

They all would cost 900WE to finish the mission, again assuming you started with none.

2:9-8N: 1817R
2:9-5N: 1800R
2:9-2N: 1650R
2:8-3N: 1500R
2:8-6N: 1388R
2:8-9N: 1388R
2:7-4N: 1247R
2:7-7N: 1239R
2:7-2N: 1142R
2:7-9N: 1050R


Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I was afraid RedHodd wouldnt have time to get her minions up (meat shield) but works ok the autoplay on stage 9.

so question transforms in:

which normal stage 7 to 9 dense fog is best for backpacks? :wink:

edit: 9-8 seems to drop backpacks 2/3 per run

My guess is that difference in backpacks for dense fog stages will be mostly random number generator noise.


There you go:

Go to the “Filtered Stages” tab to get a detailed view about the drop rates of the recorded stages.


I did province 9, not for any other reason than the dragon bone increase drop rate.

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already did that. thankx :wink:

there are some gaps there

WoooooW that’s insane! One of the best guide i’he ever seen on this game. Really great and intresting, a real tresure ;). Only one question: why the calculation of XP isnt maded for the s1-5.8?? That map seams to be great for XP according to heroes/Adv-Kit/recruits but the data for XP start after that

XP for Adv kit: 12575
XP for Swords: 4140
Clotes: 3600
Heroes: 8165
For a sub total of: 28480

I dont make the calculation for recruits cause i’m lazy now but this subtotal its great, way highter than others

Actually this can be lower than 8.7 only if recruits impact is negative or around 0. In all case i think that the best way to farm XP is to do a mix of 8.7 and 5.8 (according to this incomplete data and to a calculation i personally made).
Another important consideration is that this XP calculation is utopical because dont consider the TC job. You dont have infinite TC but normally ppl use at least one for TC20 and 1-2 for TC11; so the last one is for TC2/19 or others according to materials.
Personally i still domt have TC19 and ofc TC20 so im doing a mix of 5.8 ad 8.7 and i’m using TC13 cause i’m ftp and need 4*, TC11 24h/d and TC2 when i have the Adv kits

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