Season 2 new mission avatar bug – Atlantan Drone Mission Avatar is a different color than the in-game Atlantean Drones

They have introduced new missions for season 2 with the last province unlocked

  • defeat season 2 enemies V
  • defeat season 2 bosses V

For the enemies you have to kill Atalntean Drones (can be only? found on the last 3 provinces)

Check the screenshots below the avatar colors doesnt match the actual monster color or any other monsters

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The purple ones are ‘Corrupted Drones’, not ‘Atlantean Drones’. Different monster.

Mission requires atlantean drones
And always the avatar matches the monster needs to be killed (except on release of season 2 their was a bug where it didnt match and they fixed it)

Yep but the green ones are atlantean drones:

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