Season 2 mission complete providence 3 not rewarding

There is a season 2 mission to complete all stages of providence 3. It shows 10/10 and has a go button that takes you to providence 3. I have completed all stages on both normal and hard.

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I have the exact same issue (nothing to collect for completing!)

Is there a mission that says you are to be rewarded x for completing Province 3?

Season 1 has a reward for completing Province 23-11 (the very last level of the whole thing). I would reasonably expect Season 2 to have a similar reward at the very end, Province 24, last level.

This is the mission it says 10/10 but no reward

It has always been like this. There is no reward for completing a province. Just for completing season 2 overall.

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And there is no ‘reward’ mentioned that you will get.
The button shows GO instead of CLAIM.
When pushed it will bring you to the province you are (highest possible) as was the same in season 1.
So no bug imo.

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If there is no reward and no bug then why have the mission? If it is just normal gameplay there is no reason to point out an accomplishment as a mission.
If it is a mission then once it’s accomplished the mission should disappear, just like the other missions, correct?

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Because people like participation trophies!

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I agree with psychawk, what it is the interest to make this mission appear. If we look under this mission, all the others bring a reward. If it brings nothing, it is useless to make it appear.

I questioned the developers. They replied it was for tracking only, there is no reward. Didn’t make sense to me either. Please don’t shoot the messenger!

Guys i get the reward for completing season 1 on the start from season 2. Either they give it on the start of providence 4 because they want it that way or they haven’t decuded yet what you get…


Look like a shortcut. Lead u to continue

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