Season 2 map

I have noticed that there is more to season 2 than the map shows.

When province 21 is completed you have 210 out of 270 hard mode stages.

Assuming that last 3 provinces marked on the map have 10 stages each that will amount to 240 out of 270.
So what is the story regarding missing 30 stages. One giant province, 3 provinces with 10 stages or something else.
Just curious. I hope beta testers have answer to this. I also hope no more foxes with bandannas.

it might be three stages of 20 too

plausible scenario, i figured not likely since it is already on map and they have steady pace 10 per province, and also due to circular structure in the middle of the map.

I assume the last 3 provinces will be inside the Atlantis’ city that is slowly emerging from the ocean. :slight_smile:


that would mean we are finally out of the woods :wink:


Given the way the game is going the final 30 zones will be ones you can only access if you pay 100 gems…


nice one andy, but why 100 when they can earn more with 1000

Do you think you will have to complete all the HARD mode stages to make progress in Atlantis - to “solve the mystery of Atlantis” and do all the things that might lie beyond?

Or will just completing all the NORMAL mode stages be enough?

I am pretty up to date with the NORMAL stages to Province 21, but have not been bothering with the HARD mode stages beyond Province 2.

Bottom line - will there be any advantage to completing all the HARD mode stages other than collecting the extra Atlantis coins?

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Can we fight intimidating warriors, please, instead of rejected characters from Madagascar 4

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I dont think that normal will be enough. This game is all about grind and slow progress.

Was it the Dark Lord reborn all along? Is he going to wipe our accounts when we defeat him?

Noticed 3 rings around the middle of Antlantis, could be each ring contains 20 stages.

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