Season 2 level 12/10

Season 2 level 12/10
Beat this level twice and still shows it’s not beaten. :frowning:

It happen to me as well. BUT at Season 2 6-2
Took two tries. Than I got the coins.

Follow the thread linked please.

This is probably a silly question, but did you beat both normal and advanced levels? Since you’re already on 12/10 I am assuming this is the case, but always good to check :grin:

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To be quite honest I’ve revisited and usually after beating normal hard had just automatically highlighted when I went back in. In this case it didn’t (and I didn’t double check) so I guess I just beat normal 3 times instead of going on to hard…
Palm to forehead!
Anywho, case closed. It was a moment of less than genius on my part… :joy:

I’ve had the same thing happen so thought I’d ask :grin: Glad we got your answer and happy playing!

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Would you close this thread.

The request of the OP

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