Season 2 is over, Atlantic coins issue

I have checked around but I didn’t find a specific thread about this topic.

The point is simple: When you have completed Atlantis on hard mode the ways to get coins is too slow.

I am VCP but I buy every month premium POV and I play a lot.
About 27-28 days every month I fill my chests twice a day (for each category), I buy POV and I farm a lot in Atlantis. So I don’t think this is a personal issue.

But once Atlantis season is completed is too hard to get enough coins to pull a couple of times every time Atlantis is up.

IMHO once Atlantis is completed, the reward for each stage should be reset (without the reward for completion).

A couple of pulls should be granted to FTP if they play a lot, otherwise 1-2 pulls every time will be granted only if you spend money and I think this will be an issue.

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