Season 2 is a dead horse.. Its done roll out season 3. Put season 2 heroes in the regular pool



Patience. Season 3 heroes are entering Beta so I dont think it will be much longer. I finished Season 2 a long time ago but I still had fun with it and enjoy AR when it comes around.


If it makes you feel any more confident, notice that they’ve put costume pulls in direct competition with Atlantis — same gem cost and an ascension chest. So perhaps Atlantis pulls will disappear and you can use your Atlantis coins in the costume summon eventually.

Doubtful! As coins and keys are separated from each event!
I’m more curious of the WE in S3

So it’ll be a few more months atleast. Geez . S2 rolled out a year and a half ago. SG CAN MAKE TONS OF NEW OFFERS BUT NO NEW CONTENT FOR GAME.

There a thread complaining that to much is going on at one time! :woman_shrugging:
There’s quests trials Ar soon sure I was pretty like ■■■ this week costume and event and a ice chest! In one day! Yeah the desert has loads of ice more me to fill it up as well as the costume haha! :woman_shrugging:
Nothing to do?


Honestly I can farm S3 if it will come out. Wouldnt need massacre mosquitos. I’m a long time player . Been there. Made the shirt. Wore the shirt. And sold the shirt !!. All I can say . I’m stepping back from spending until S3 comes out.

SG is constantly adding new things? Sometimes good, sometimes meh. But you can’t say that they haven’t been adding anything, that’s just not true.

Alchemy lab. That was genious


Did you not see the part where i said sometimes meh? Or just cherry pick what you want to see so you can continue aggressively commenting and looking a fool?


You could always try rerunning Season One with Derric and Aife.


Cool! What ever suits your game style! Your choice!

Sharon for the heal n brand for his deverstaing slash!

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Don’t forget Fletcher – just don’t turn your back on him.

Starting: at normal 10, hard 15 and very hard 20. Will end up taking a full year to play through without flasks. :rofl:

Kenjou has aoe could play a factor into a rainbow team!?

I’m at a point where I think the game is monotonous and tedious. They keep adding more things to do and I have less desire to do any of them. I guess we all come to that point sooner or later.


That WE on S3 any proof on that? Sorry if it’s been published but I haven’t seen anything on We on S3

Sorry, that was supposed to be a joke. …hopefully its not that bad

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Haha cool! Maybe put a :wink: :thinking: :rofl: As we know yah jesting

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