Season 2 Idea - tiered content similar to the events

This may be too late and was something I had mentioned in passing on the forums before, but sort of wanted to see what people thought of it.

SG announced that Season 2 wouldn’t be strictly for the end-game players: totally makes sense.

Why not actually enforce the “newbie” experience again with star-limited content just like we do for events? Taking the current distribution as just a random example:

3 flag zones = 2* heroes
4 flag zones = 3* heroes
5 flag zones = 4* heroes
6+ flag zones = 5* heroes

Doesn’t have to break down like this, could just be a split between 3* max and everything goes, but it’s an idea to get more out of the planned content for the established players while still making it fully accessible to new players too.

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I, TheChef, fully approve this message. Basically I second this idea, but I gotta have my 20 characters…

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I’d be ok with that except for the 2* part. Most people won’t have huge hero caps (i.e. they haven’t spent gems to add hero slots), so having to keep a bunch of 2s around (and gads even level them!) seems excessive. 3 I’d be down with…


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