Season 2, ice kitsunes collection

Is there a “best” stage to drop ice kitsunes faster than others?

I usually do 10/1 as there are quite some ice foxes as well as a Kirin. On normal difficulty it can be autoplayed with a good 4*/5* team.


Yup, 10-1 is the Best I think, 4 waves and the Boss wave also has kitsunes in it.

Ok guys, thanx a lot (:

How does it compare to 10-7 with the same units? 10-7 should have better rewards, but not sure if the number of foxes

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Tested this today. I got twice as many Kitsune on 10-1 compared to 10-7. My sample size was small, limited to one full world energy bar, or two tries in each level. Take that as you will.


I have been using 10-1 and I think it gives you 9 ice kitsunes which is nice.

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Thanks for posting and bumping this thread, all… I’ve been using 10-7, but if 10-1 works better, I’ll switch to that.

Thanks again!