SEASON 2 Heros family group

Hi all.
Can anyone pls explain me how this season 2 heros family connections works. Is there any advantage having the same family Heros or there any disadvantages when hitting the same family hero opposition allies stack.
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Yes if you have the hero’s of the same family in a team then there is a bonus added

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If you have more than one hero in the same family in you’re line up you get bonuses ie: Lagoon family gets attack bonus.

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A little twist: they have to be unique heroes. Two Tritons only count as one.

Tap the family icon to find out what they do.

  • Lagoon: +Attack
  • Atlantis: +Defense
  • Sakura: +Mana generation

The bonus is applied automatically to family members. You don’t need to cast to activate it, and it can’t be dispelled.


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