Season 2 heroes - Wilbur/Proteus/Tarlak - Raids, War and Titan hits


I went back to a rainbow team. Took forever and was so boring. Never again. We had a purple 7 star Titan last week. Put my yellow team of Musashi, Vivica, Joon, Jackal, and Wu. Put up 78k on him.


I did a mono Red team together and was blessed with 8 red tiles before my whole team was wiped out… As if you could get a worse board than that.


Until rngesus says NO and you lose 5 raids in a row for lack of the color tile you need.



You get that sometimes. But a 30 second wipeout on a raid is awesome. Or wiping out teams one by one in alliance wars…or when you get that decent board on a Titan and you ring up 50-60k in damage. For every bad board (i’ve Had runs of 4-5 bad boards in a row) there are boards that make you smile when you wipe out a 4K team in 30 Seconds. Lol


Mos def


They nerfed Wilbur in the update. Absolute mess. He no longer shares damage on enemy hit. This ruins his utility completely. What a waste of resources building him. I’m very frustrated.


This is a bug (see release notes) and they will revert it in version 15.1, so good news again. If only I could pull him now…


I’m quitting if they don’t fix Wilbur. I gambled $300 to get a wilbur and a misandra. Now they change Wilbur and make him no different than all the other heroes… right after i did the final ascension.

That’s BS to bait a hero with cool traits and then nerf him a few weeks later. Garbage money grab technique.


Chill peeps :wink:


I’m looking forward to trying my Wilbur out. He’s almost leveled.


I’ve been using him on the big titans to spread out the titan hits across all my heroes.



An alliance buddy and myself keep arguing about which is a better version of him - he likes it with the spirit link removed, but that’s Cos he’s loaded with snipers of which I have very few.

It’s just a bug that’s being fixed soon so I’m glad about that. Mine got maxed last week and he’s amazing

I did find some of the higher levels of pirates easier post update (I updated halfway through event) because when you target reds at Locke, she died rather than sharing dmg, but for raiding I love his spirit link!

Just pulled isarnia this morning so I have another option to lower defense without spirit link now :slight_smile:


Wilbur without the spirit link makes him viable A’s tank!

Ran him there overnight and lost 37 cups compared to the usual 200-300!

Can’t exploit the free spirit link if he doesn’t give it! Now he’s just a massive self buff enemy debuff for defences

On offence I still prefer him with it, but ya know… every cloud!



I’m curious what you think of him now that he’s damage link is back, lol… Also, I came across a couple of defenses in Diamond, that was interesting to battle, it actually made it more difficult for me, but I still don’t think he’s viable at high level raiding. I would imagine he could still be solid at mid Platinum and under…


I’ve been messing around in mid diamond with all 4* heros vs. all 5* heros trying Wilbur out. (So far I’m at about 70% losses, so no great success haha!)

But so far what I’m getting from Wilbur are 2 scenarios.

1: Heavy color stacked teams. His spirit link is amazing here. Gives survivability enough to ghost away dead tiles.

2: Crowd control teams. His spirit link sucks here. Because you cant snipe targets at will and tile damage isnt optimal. It had to be timed with a dispell which isnt alway trivial.

But he is a very fun and dynamic hero! I lile him a lot :slight_smile:


Now the link is back I stopped winning as many defenses and removed him as tank. I think it’s too exploitable with the amount of buff/debuff and dispel options.

I removed him from defense straight away. Still love him as a utility hero for attacking, but free spirit link to enemies is not something I want a defensive tank to offer!


Wilbur, not just a pretty face… Use Wil to help your team stay alive…


Wilbur speaking to Marjana and Sartana:
it’s a pity that your queen’s word doesn’t reach you, uh?


Great raid! And you still managed to take the “unbeatable” Guin down without a purple hero :grin: I guess you should post in that other thread about Guin…