Season 2 heroes - Wilbur/Proteus/Tarlak - Raids, War and Titan hits


In case you were wondering if any of these two were any good… You be the judge…

More season 2 hero vids to come…

Wilbur in AWs



I really can not see the benefit to also share the damage between enemies, I do not know if they added it as a negative feature so it is not overpower, at times when you need to eliminate a specific hero, which are enough, it’s a job


It isn’t always good to make them share damage but it have some uses…

For example if you have a foe with low health you can finish him off hitting nearby foes, useful with cascades after have weakened some heroes.

In the same way you can also put debuffs on high health foes that would disappear with target’s death.


Missing tile damage is also shared!

Gunnar - 3* slow hero, has spirit link
Isarnia - 5* slow hero, does damage and debuffs armor

Wilbur - 4* - average hero, has both skills but doesn’t do any damage

Goodbye Gormek. Your tile damage is crap and you only do -34%.


Yes, Gormek is definitely going to disappear on the long run.


Well, Wilbur’s defense debuff is invaluable… But the shared link is a nice added feature, not to mention somewhat new, at least in this context, and new is always welcomed. But, in regards to the shared link on defense, picture this scenario: You’re down to your last hero who’s low in hp. The defensive wings are still alive both both close to dead and you have one special left… Having them share the damage means that you could potentially kill both heroes with a single shot… I know because I’ve done it, and that wasn’t an uncommon scenario prior to Wilbur…

Also, it helps to chip away at the hp of the rest of the defense… Every it helps. How many times do you waste an special on a nearly dead hero just because you want to make sure they die ? I’m looking at you Alby… Sharing the damage link will also cause some damage to other heroes so not everything goes to waste… Yes, it’s very circumstantial but these are all tried scenarios and the more tools we can add to our offense the higher the chances of success…


Example #2 - Overwriting Viv’s defense with Wilbur’s debuff… Caveat to Wilburs damage link on defense is that it is technically considered a buff, so using a debuffer like Zeline or Sonya will remove the link buff. This may or may not be a desired effect based on strategy, but it’s good to know… Defense debuff will remain btw…


Can’t wait to get mine ascended.


Was originally disappointed with my atlantis pulls Cos I’d hoped for one of the fives (always obvs) or drake (all hotm seem out of reach to me in over 100 pulls last three months)

I did manage proteus, Wilbur and triton though and last few days been starting to get excited for willy and proteus especially. They’re just levelling to almost useful amounts now and after watching this I can’t fkn wait!!


Also, when using heroes like Richard that does damage to 3 people, If he can hit 3 people and the wilbur special is on, he can do more damage than Joon or liana, something like 50% more damage, also using jackal and after joon you can dish A LOT of damage distributed. I have a wilbur and I like it very much.

On my side too, using 4* heroes that could get one shot, makes them stay alive and able to fire their special


Rejoice, those are some of the best heroes in S2


You’re gonna love him on titans !


It’ll become the new Wu Kong (if drawed I’ll use him even against blue titans)


@Fira @Loro
Nothing super fancy but a good example on how to leverage their specials… That’s an 11* Gorgon Queen… Scarlett survived, lol…


Didn’t even think of that!

I didn’t manage falcon or jackal but did get panther, so panther -> tiburtus -> sartana is gonna demolish teams with Wilbur :heart_eyes:

So proteus and Wilbur definitely just jumped the ascension queue!!

@Wormwood - did you get triton? A few people seem to be excited for him but I don’t see his special as being quite as useful as proteus and defs not willy!
I also see tarlak there. Dam you did well out of Atlantis!


@Fira Maxed Triton right away, I couldn’t wait to play with him, lol… I’ll add some videos here later… He’s a bit squishy but hits pretty good and his special is a little tricky but timed right can really make a difference… Took him, Wilbur and Tarlak out for war today, I don’t recall if I made videos of all tho…


What was the excitement factor?

I look and see decent fast hit, and the healing bonus is kinda unique so I figure I’ll level but for my roster Sonya and Grimm will be more value to ascend for the specials they provide.

I’m not saying triton is bad, Cos I haven’t even tried yet, but I feel like I’m missing something based on how excited other people are


I don’t love him tbh… There was a huge misconception that he was a HoT striker, the first of its kind… Turns out SGs wording missed the mark once again and it wasn’t what people thought… He’s a squishy fast mana healing “aid” hero. More of a nice to have I think…

Check out the new vid of a war hit with Wilbur I added to the top post… What a rockstar…


Sartana did nothing to your team!!!

Also @Wormwood HoT? What does that mean?