Season 2 hard completed but not being rewarded

I completed season 2 hard and it still says incomplete

Please check your profile and see if it’s says : Season II Hard Mode - 270 / 270…
like in my screenshot below.


It says 269 of 270 but I’ve finished all the levels

Perhaps you missed one level earlier in the season, since you can jump around it’s very possible.

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S2 does not force you to finish the levels in order. It is not enough that you see that you finished the last level.
I advise you to check thoroughly all the provinces in S2.

Thanks I’ll give it a check

Just look for a province where you see 75/80 here:



Found it! Man oh man thanks for the help all


Tonnes easier when your last ever level is a way back too :joy:

When I started to push S2 hard I decided to chance my arm on the very end one pretty early. To my amazement I did it with like 3 4* in the team and got mega excited thinking I’d done the whole thing.

Then the realisation that I had to do all the other hard levels as well hit me :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Which level was it?


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Lol I did the same thing. As soon as I beat it on easy I thought I could skip the whole thing and get the season reward by jumping straight to Ursena. Boy was I disappointed

Probably why they changed it for S3

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