Season 2 game mechanics question

I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 2 (though not eagerly enough to get up at 2:00 AM Thursday morning when it launches in my time zone). I understand that we will be able to earn Atlantis coins by playing the new map, and that we have the choice of playing the new map at either a hard level or an easy level.
So, here’s my question (actually I guess it’s a couple of questions):
How fine-grained is the choice of easy or hard? In other words, do I only get to choose whether to play the entire map at one level, or can I choose by province or by level within a province?
Follow-up question: If I can play a particular level within a province on “easy” (earning Atlantis coins in the process), can I then come back later and play the same level on “hard” and earn more coins?

last time i played beta, when you clicked on the stage you chose easy or hard each time. You do have to sequentially do them by difficulty - meaning you can’t do province 1 stage 2 on hard until you’ve done province 1 stage 1 on hard, regardless of completing it on easy.


In regard to the Atlantis coins specifically, the release notes indicate that the coins will only be awarded when you beat a given level on both easy and hard difficulty level.


“First completion of a Season 2 stage, on both difficulties, awards the player with Atlantis Coins.”

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks to both of you for the quick responses. I saw the same thing in the release notes @Tima, but I wasn’t completely sure that’s what they meant. But if can choose easy or hard by stage within a province, it should be straightforward enough to complete a stage on both.

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I don’t think that is how it works. The grammar in the release notes is a little confusing. I believe the first time you complete a level on easy you get 1 atlantis token and the first time on hard you get 3 atlantis tokens. Think I saw this in the forum someplace but can’t find it.

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Thanks for pointing that out @CJM - I found a reference from @Kerridoc that seems to confirm your point! :slight_smile:

From the following thread:

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Anchor made videos about new season, go check YouTube. If I understand right now beta testers are allowed to make videos about Season 2.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that was a little confused by the wording of the release notes. Sounds like there will be many opportunities to use those coins.

They’ve bumped up the coins: 3 for first completion at Normal difficulty, 5 for first completion at Hard. So you can collect 80 coins per province. At this time, only the first three provinces are released in Beta, so that would cap out at 240 Atlantis coins for the time being.


energy world is the t2?

Does anyone knows if the season 2 Atlantis summon gate will be available on the 23rd. as well?

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No player does. I’m sure staff knows. :wink:

I’ve been assuming that they will open it immediately, but I have no basis for that assumption. If I’m wrong, I’m going to have to rethink my strategy for pulling Drake.


From business point of view better for company is to open Atlantis summons straight away and I’m 100% sure they will do it.

@Kerridoc are you sure HOTM will be available in Atlantis pools ?

Yes, Petri has confirmed that the current HotM is available as a bonus draw from Atlantis. So you could in theory get both Hel and Drake on a single pull.

Check current HOTM. You will see that answer is yes, you can get HOTM through Atlantis summons

Anyone know if an Epic Hero token will work on the Atlantis summon gate?

Unfortunately not, only the Atlantis coins or gems are the currency to summon a hero


OK, I’ve opened up Season 2 and what I’m seeing seems to disagree with the posts above that mention 1 token for easy and 3 for hard. Province 1 says 0/3 for easy and 0/5 for hard. Does that mean it’s changed from previously and is now 3 for easy and 5 for hard for each Province level? Does the 0/3, 0/5 mean that you can earn less than that based upon how well you do on the level? If so, can you earn the extra tokens by going back and redoing the Province?

It‘s pretty simple. All coins can only be acquired once per stage so you can earn 8 tokens per stage… 3 for easy and 5 for hard mode. You can for sure replay but you will not get the coins another time