Season 2 Four * All-Stars (Top Five)

Huge NBA fan here. As the NBA All Star Game is about to start tonight, I was wondering who would make the “All Stars” team of Season 2 Four Star Heroes?

If you had to make a team of Season2 Four Star Heroes, who would be on your squad?

My pick: Proteus, Triton, Sumi, Wilbur and Gradeius

Additionally, would S2 All-Stars beat S1 All-Stars? (Wu, Rigard, Boldtusk, Caedmon, Grimm)

Are you talking rainbow teams or no? I wouldn’t include Caedmon in S1. I’d pick Danzaburo over Sumitomo.

No color restriction. Who would you put in place of Caedmon?

Any of Scarlet, Colen, Tiburtus, or Kiril.

What no gobbler? Seriously I would say Wilbur Proteus and triton for sure…and those are the only maxed ones I have other than agwe and gobbler and they wouldn’t make the team. I haven’t had a chance to level sumitomo yet but have several of him just too many heroes in the fire line been in front of him, so nice to hear something positive about him.

S2: Wilbur proteus x x Triton
S1: Wu, rigard, kiril, BT, grimm

I think you picked the best for raids. My only thought is sub Ameonna in for Sumi for titans.

Your S1 picks I’m less sure of. Again it depends on all star for what function, offence raid, defense raid or titans. Wu isn’t the best for raids and is out right bad for raid defense. But he is kind of the titans. I would use Boril over Grimm for defense, but Grimm over Boril for any other role (others will disagree).

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S1 - 1) Wu, 2) Boldtusk, 3) Rigard, 4) Hansel (can I count event?)
S2 - 1) Wilbur, 2) Proteus, 3) Triton, 4) Ameonna

Hansel rocks! He’s my favorite 4* hero and a superstar on my team :slight_smile:

Wilbur/Triton and Proteus for sure. The top 3 best 4* s2 heroes.

I thought Wilbur - Proteus - Triton are the only season 2 4* heros? :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly rest not even worth mentioning imo. If Gradeius was average speed id likely be in heaven, but his slow broke my heart.

Wilbur and Proteus are the obvious choices, with Triton, Ameonna and Gadeirus as nice adds.

Danzaburo is fun and sometimes really destructive, but unreliable.

Sumitomo and Agwe are simply bad.

Quick question: Why do you all like Triton that much? While I use Wilbur and Proteus all the time, I haven’t even touched Triton yet. He is sitting at 1-1 in my roster, waiting for basically all my other other blue heroes to finish.
Is that heal buff really that helpful? Okay, the fact that I have a maxed Magni might influence the decision to level Triton. But still: Wilbur and Proteus will be useful even after I have maxed several 5* of their color. But Magni seems to make Triton obsolete. Or am I underestimating Triton?

Triton’s tile damage is amazing, and his heal buff helps a lot. And remember the game has the alliance wars, so having more than a single team is better.

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triton is a game booster( and a little sniper ), and magni is a killing machine sniper, not the same utility.

hard to compare them for me. triton is really cool, paired with ares, guenievre, tarlak…or a basic healer.

make your def team nice. magni just OS and bring quick fat damage

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Triton is also the hardest hitting 4* currently in the game and when in a team with your bt or kiril, his heal boost can help you take another hitter instead of a main line healer, Mel sab rigs for eg

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I use Triton and Kiril corners on my raid defense and they are a great combo, good for raids and wars too

When I only had Boldtusk as a healer for months, Triton was vital in buffing his heal, got me they lots of stages and challenges that I otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance at. And as a bonus, he hits like a truck for a four star!

He remains a fave, and I have two more of him at 1/1 which will go up one day.

My season 1 top five, cause I use them all the time: BT, Caedmon, Wu, Grimm, Rigard

Season 2: Triton, Triton, Triton, Proteus and Wilbur :wink:

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Proteus is Hel Jr , while Triton is Magni Jr

Okay, thanks! Now I’m looking forward more to level Triton one day!

I’d only correct one thing: Scarlett hits even harder, although she’s the most squishy of all 4* heroes in the game and there are plenty of red hard-hitters. And Ameonna also hits harder, but is less versatile than Triton.

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