Season 2 flop or no


The harder levels in Atlantis offer 2400 xp…and costs 10 flags to play …the level I replay in season 1 costs 7 flags and gives me 2860 xp.


Season 2 just looks & feels like I’m playing a 5 year olds game.
They’ve turned it into a big joke.
We have seasoned heroes combating mosquitos & parrots for goodness sake.
The characters look like kids cartoons & I’m kinda embarrassed doing the cheesy looking low graphics levels. The game makes me wonder what the hell were they thinking when they made this.
(*shakes head in disbelief while reading comments from the same cheerleader with a moustache trying to prop it up like it was the best thing served to mankind) 🤦


[Smiles and nods head with complete lack of surprise at usual complainer complaining yet again about a game that they continue to play despite professed hatred for it and for its developers. Wonders what kind of person persists in doing something they dislike so intensely. Eats grape.]


What season 2? There is no season 2. We have a season 2 teaser which most seasoned players have finished in less than three days. They did polish revenue collecting avenues though.


I think it means they only managed to get the first 3 provinces done. This way they can keep working on the rest of season 2 while appearing as though season 2 was finished & ready. Sneaky.
Oh & yes you are right, the money grab side of things must have been a top priority.
Good graphic, story line & fantastic new heroes didn’t make the priority list.


Can we train the new heroes in tc 20? Or is just pay to get them? If yes, than is the most pay to win game I ever play! Wait… I speak nonsense, you have to pay to have a small chance to get them. Not even pay2win, is just rip-off.


Even app itslef admits it:

I have completed Season 2…


I waited around a year for this??Season 2 is disappointing, no new way to increase tower production, no new building grounds, they could have at least included a troop training camp, Alantis summons is a joke!!! I hung around for wars and they can’t even come up with a decent matchmaking system, so so way off most allys are bored cuz either they always win or always lose. After so many disappointments and over a year n a half of playing, I think imma quit like the rest of the peeps are doing.


I tried Season 2 and it’s not for me. I don’t like the art style and the ROI ratios aren’t good. But it doesn’t matter to me since I’m happy just playing/grinding Season 1.


Pros decent returns of items for the spend.
Cons plays are expensive. But how often do i see 8 bp for 10 flags in S1.
Depending on the hunt of the day i’ll play two or 3 S2 and whatever else is necessary.
The cartoon graphics are awful.
What attracted me to the game was the archetypal figures and flashy graphics for just playing jewels. Then i learned the deeper levels and a year later i am still here.
So why the lame storylines given that you have a planets worth of folklore to utilise. Its worse than marvel corrupting scandanavian myth. The same as given monkey king a sword and not his magic staff.
Trying harder on archetypal myth in S2 and mixing pirates on the way to Atlantis shows some originality. But the monsters heroes and landscape… seriously weird like playing jewels on ketamine.
I play on a budget. Haven’t got 3$ this week. But i saved hard for the atlantis roll. Well you say the s1 3 star has been fixed. That’s nice. Can i have a decent roll to make up for the overpriced food. Change went on the event roll. Not one 5 or 4 of any use. That was two very expensive feeds.
If those Atlantis coins dont pay then watch my mighty phonr throw. I’ll go over the south pole to take advantage of the magnetic fields. The replacement bill will go by ordinary methods. But you are programmers, hire a mythologist and graphic artists to draw us in. I hope the AW changes will cure my gripe about too much work for little reward. Please stack those war chests with gloves and goodies comparable to S2 prizes.
Keep it up and thanks for trying to listen to us. Can’t make everybody happy why else would we play interminable games if not to have a good whinge.
But my last two rolls would chase the termites off a pirates wooden leg.


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Season 2 is mostly a Flop.


I’m taking my sweet time going through it.

I did use 4 loot tickets(3 on hard, 1 on normal) on province one, stage 10 and netted 15 adventure kits.


I enjoy season 2, although I’m hoping it becomes more practical for farming.

That being said, the drop rate for backpacks is pretty good and is reasonably comparable to province 5.

My main complaint is regarding the ‘Dromosaurus’, clearly modelled on the Dromaeosaurus, yet perpetuating a completely archaic body plan.

Come on SG, the evidence for feathered Dromaeosaurs (raptors etc) has been around for decades. Stop perpetuating the Jurassic park myths!!!

Similarly, conflating Carnotaurus with a spinosaurid i! Plains of Wind is paleontologically absurd. If you’re going to pilfer dinosaurs for your fantasy land, let’s spread some accurate science!!

Apart from that, everything is splendid


Season 2 is OK. Perhaps the wait raised expectations. The world energy cost versus xp gained does not make it worthwhile to keep playing it after completion. Better returns in Season 1


You don’t see how masterfully SG placed the storyline of this great narrative on a planet much like Earth in many respects, but with distinctly different decisive little details, with minimal usage of storytelling?

I mean, they could have explained all that in a few paragraphs. And SG made it obvious just by making a few well planned “inaccuracies” in their dinosaur monsters. Now -that- is how you tell a story with as little words as possible.

Tolkien would have taken a whole chapter, and SG didn’t even waste a word. They are end bosses in storytelling.


I totally read that as Season 2 needs more hoes.
And shovels too.


Comedy genius in spades, friend Bertus. Digging yourself another hole. Perhaps you could field a thread on farming?

Maybe sg would care to explain the evolutionary path of their hostile macaws then, if the Dromaeosaurs ancestors were featherless?!


I have the response! SGG’s dinosaurs were never extinct and in their evolution process they lost the feathers (mainly to allow us to skin them and craft dinosaur belt bag) :slight_smile:


I enjoy season 2. It is something different. I completed everything 2 or 3 days in. Now occasionally I will farm for backpack and swords. XP and recruits are whatever as I am not concerned with leveling quickly. If I need recruits I will go back to the lower levels in season 1. Everything has its purpose, you just need to figure out what works best for you…