Season 2 flop or no

IMO flop for F2P players

And I guess a win for Pay2Win


I gotta agree with this.

I am sad to say this: it’s pay more for less at all.

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I’m F2P (£2.99) and so far it has been a lot of fun for me. I finished the three easy levels then knocked off a few battles on ‘hard’ - I even burned a couple of flasks along the way, so it was obviously keeping me interested.

Would anyone who has not had fun like to explain why they have not had fun?


Ahhhh you know. I screwed up and indulged in the $8 worth of gems they had on sale lol. I need someone to smack me upside the head when I do that :stuck_out_tongue: well. I kinda do in SG/rng haha.

To be fair, I am enjoying the free aspects of the game. That I got 3* out of 6 summons was always gonna be possible. BUT I would argue it’s hard not to be frustrated by that.

So is my frustration my fault or SGs? I would say both. But that’s just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

If I could just get myself to go straight from
c2p or poorly funded P2W (PFP2W?), I would enjoy the game more.

And ya know. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I lean bad thing. In the odd chance I do spend some money, I expect to get something of “value” for it. I know that isn’t how this game works. But it’s how I want it to work. Soooo… not spending money is probably the best answer? I guess?


What I dislike: not be able to had a decent lore.

For the rest the game is unchanged ATM, maybe I have yet to see what they had developed for us but I feel like the environmental damage (poison) is something “wrong”.
Or we can say that I weren’t expecting that…

I mean, I were hoping for something new to do with the board (ex. easter eggs or freezing like tiles) and not a revenge arrow masked as poison damage :man_shrugging:

And why we have to beat Wilbur to a pulp? He has reasons to oppose us or is he just doing it for sport?


Fair complaint, I think. If you come for the story then Season 2 might be a bit disappointing.

But was Season 1 any better? Maybe you understood it better than me, or maybe you were just more sober when you played it - for me, it was mostly nonsensical gibberish. I don’t play the game for the lore.

But that is totally a matter of taste and I can completely respect anyone for whom Season 2 lacks the character development and plot subtlety of Season 1.

Honestly, the best part of Season 2 for me are the little chameleon enemies in Province 2. They make me laugh because they’re all like


EDIT: Also I just spawned a fire chest, and I found that Season 2 Province 3-4 is a much better place to fill a fire chest than anywhere else in the game.


Flop. Most of these new heroes are garbage and spending so much energy on the missions just takes away more from the quests and events we will have. Expensive and not worth it. Plus, rather than bring back just two old hotm it should be all old hotm and then after the event make them trainable at the center. The chance for getting one would still be super low anyways. They could’ve also changed the fight music for the new season 2 missions.

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That bit of information was good to know. Thanks very much!!

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Remove Season1 3* heroes from Atlantis Summon. Their only use is to be fed for XP, which is a waste. No one needs them at this point. I got 3 Priscas from a 30x summon. She is the worst S1 Dark 3*. What am I supposed to do with the 3 of them, level them up and never use them because I have better Dark 3*?


Haha, I had the SAME thoughts about poor Wilbur! The guy’s just trying to share wonderful feasts with everyone, and for some reason, he gets a beat down.

So far I like the drop rate of back packs and the coins.

The story seems to be weak again but the graphics are great.

World Energy is on the expensive side but if I remember correctely province 15 was 6 or maybe 5.

Over all I like it.

I waited and played the 3 levels we have available and for me personally…it kind of feels like I am playing Empire and Puzzles 2 - the kids version. The characters, artwork, backgrounds and such are just so different. They are more ‘cute and color friendly’ looking than the dark, menacing and mean looking characters in chapter 1.

Now …I must point out I quite like the happy bright colors in chapter 2 … it has quite a tropical feel to it with the birds, mosquitos and lizards…but it just doesnt flow with chapter 1. To me at least it really does feel like a different game and not a continuation of the old one.

I also agree with others on the xp factor. I worked really hard to get through all 23 provinces in chapter 1 and I replay province 23 all the time as it gives me the most experience points (2600+ points I think it is) but in chapter 2 the XP is back down to 1200 …again this adds to the feel that this NOT a continuation of the game but a starting from the beginning.

I can see the reasoning behind this…letting people who have finished province 15 open the new chapter …they have to match their level of playing…but for us “oldies” it’s a backward step. Maybe they should have made it that you had to finish province 23 before being able to open chapter 2 and continued the game that way … building on the degree of difficulty and xp.

I guess overall for me at least Chapter 2 is more like empires and puzzles 2 …and they have added it to this game instead of making it its own game …it seems like the only real connections the two have is the sharing of general format and old hero’s.

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I agree that the style of Season 2 makes it feel a bit like a different game. I like it a lot - I was a bit sick of the grimness (‘Grimm-ness’?) of the art, the repetition of many aspects of it and the tsunami of cheesecake female heroes. The cartoon-y feel of the new stuff is cool, I find, but I’ve got no issue with anyone who dislikes it. This is just a matter of aesthetics and taste.

As to challenge and XP awarded, doesn’t switching to difficult mode address these issues? I haven’t paid attention to how many XP I am being awarded, but I assume it’s more than I was given for easy mode.


I am sad spending our world energy . Wu kong now = 0

I thought the XP for 6 flags was not terrible, 1600 or so, I think 8-7 gives 825 for 3. I didn’t pay attention to XP for hard, although the number of heroes, backpacks, steel, etc… has been well worth it and good job to SG on that one. I got 10 backpacks 1 run I think is highest


We would like to send a complaint to the
game administration about the second season of the game, where we were surprised to find that each stage of the map needs 16 world energy flag to achieve both the normal and difficult levels, which makes most players stop playing continuously in the map , as well as the inability to complete the excavations.

The second complaint is regarding the wu kong, where its failures have increased and is no longer as effective as before in titan , which will result in a delay in most of the alliances from what it used to be , because of the weak strikes.

The third complaint would be about the power of tarlak, which is considered as an epic and destructive force that makes the player who possess it far more superior than the player who does not . We haven’t found a hero yet which increases the strength of 160 percent without failure, and that makes it almost inevitable to have by most players, yet it is difficult to get and the chances of its appearance are very rare and expensive.

I’m just a player, but please allow me to share my thoughts.

Happily, participating in Season 2 is not obligatory. If you find the world energy cost too high then you may choose only to complete the easy levels, or even to continue farming Season 1 instead of trying the new material.

SG have responded to suggestions that Wu has been nerfed by stating that Wu has not been nerfed (although there was a purely cosmetic graphics change some time ago) and inviting players to submit evidence of Wu malfunctioning. No such evidence has been posted on the forum, while many players have noted that they continue to get great results with Wu.

Tarlak might indeed turn out to be an awesome hero, but E&P has many great heroes - none are unbeatable or indispensable. Plus, if he is rare and difficult to get, then we probably won’t need to worry about facing him too often.

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The flags are there to begin with to help stabilize the server. With the release, traffic was high I’m sure, most saved some flasks, but either way the flag cost is ok by me. The facts are out about new hero and it does NOT stack, it actually caps WU. they are not increasing atk like 350% as earlier suggested. He’s good but doubt he brakes anything but titans