Season 2 complete. How do I obtain Atlantis coins now?

Just managed to complete all season 2 on both hard and easy. My question is, now Atlantis is on, how do I obtain coins? Any ideas?


Three answers :slight_smile:

  1. If you purchase packages - there is one for Atlantis coins that appears every Atlantis rises ( so far )

  2. If you are FTP , then it’s only buy those O. seahorses that randomly spawn during Atlantis stages Only . They drop a few coins on defeat.

  3. You can get them as possible drops in chests as well (titan/mission/raid chests ),

Mythical Seahorse quest

Edit : added @JonahTheBard input
Indeed you do get them as drops from chests , you are right .


They also appear as loot in chests, titans etc


Indeed. Thanks

20 Atlantis coins

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But yes, via the methods described above… and a few from tournaments.

So considering those ways of collecting Atlantis coins, we should be able to make “POSSIBLY,” 1 Atlantis summons each MONTH that it comes around.

WOW!! can’t wait for my 1 single 1.3% chance or should I say, my 98.7% chance to fail.

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